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Ania, rangtay wenno calangtayan?


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Ilocano Idioms, Slang, Jargon, Etc.
5/15/2007 9:38:28 AM

Adda cabucbucodan nga idioma, slang, jargon ti tunggal pagsasao. Napipintas dagitoy agsipud ta ipalubosda nga ipecsa tay ti cayat tayo a sawen babaen ti panangyarig iti sabali a banag wenno pasamac wenno ti panangted iti cabibiag ti cayat tay nga isawang babaen ti panangiladawan iti sabali a concepto. Cas cadagiti ejemplos iti baba:

Kettelen a dina pay horas
Dina maunnaan ti libegna
Casla nadanuman a tucac
Malnecan ti init

Awisencayo amin a mangibati man iti ammoyo wenno malagipyo nga idiom, slang, wenno jargon iti pagsasao tay nga Ilocano--ken pangngaasiyo ta imaldityo metten no ania ti cayat a sawen ti ania man nga ipadigoyo.

Adu dagiti natawidtayo ken adu metten dagiti cabarbaro a putar. Yamanec amin.


Zeny Padre
5/15/2007 12:13:37 PM

Mabalin ammo tay amin no ania ti cayat a sawen dagiti ejemplos iti ngato. Para cadagiti di unay nairuam cadagitoy, adtoy man ti nanumo a pangilawlawag:

Ipalnaaw: tay panangtaming iti maysa a parsua--accidente man wenno inranta--tapno saanen a sumaranta ket capilitan a lipatennan ti umanges.

Kettelen a dina pay horas: Masansan a mausar daytoy no asawaen ti maysa a lalaki a mayor-de-edad ti maysa a babai a menor-de-edad. Isuna laeng a no dadduma mabalin met a saan laeng a ti edad ti babai ti pangibatayan iti daytoy, cas pagarigan: cadagiti canito a panaglinnailo, no usaren ti balassitang ti pungan a pangisadagan iti ulona no nacadata, mabalin nga isu daytoy ti macuna a "kinettel a dina horas"; ngem no aramatenna ti pungan a pangisadagan iti patongna, mabalin a cunaen a veterana isuna.

Dina maunnaan ti libegna: Agpada ti cayat a sawen daytoy iti Malaes ti tucac a mabaddecanna wenno mapayatanna: naginad, totally.

Casla nadanuman a tucac: Bigla nga agariwawa.

Malnecan ti init: Masansan cayatna a sawen ti maysa a lumacayen a baro wenno bumaketen a balasang a di pay nagasawa. Saan a maibilang a napintas nga ejemplo ti The 40-Year-Old Virgin--pangubingen ken macaputot pay daydiay.

Mabalin adda ammoyo a sabali a cayat a sawen dagitoy nga ejemplos. Pangngaasiyo ta ibatiyo man ditoy...

Sherma Benosa
6/19/2007 9:07:05 PM

Tumangad iti barsanga

(I have an idea what it means, but just to be sure, I'll request Manong Cliff to type here what it means. he he he)

6/20/2007 12:09:31 AM

Ipalnaaw – mabalin met a ‘baybay-an’-iti-narikut-a-situasion wenno patayen-iti-langalang.

Kettelen a dina pay oras – aramid dagiti hawayano hehehe. Mangarkaramukom. :))

Nadanuman a tukak – tarabitab, ‘di agsardeng a sao a sao.

Oist Ms. Benosa, tumangad iti barsanga ket maikali six feet down under.

Dagitoy man met ti ipatarusyo la :

kas kalap-it ti kiling
kalangakang nga utek
kasla kumpet a tekka

6/20/2007 12:31:28 AM

Sorry. I should have said,hello Zeny first!

Diay man Pinili ket daydi Lolak, father side a taga Badoc ket kunana a kanayon: "i-Badoc ka a talaga."

Ania ngay ti kayatna a sawen daydiay?

Joe Padre
6/21/2007 6:15:02 PM

I-Badoc ca a talaga could mean a lot of things, mainly, of or relating to someone who is a brave (midway between forceful and with chutzpah), no-nonsense straight shooter with an attitude. Believe me, I got to know not just a few from there quite well. But once an outsider gains their trust, they are simply a nice, loyal, lovable bunch.

Joe Padre
6/21/2007 6:24:47 PM

Calangacang nga utec is basically an apt definition of MOI. No malagipmo diay nagcalangacang a salamagi, the mature fruit flesh shrinks and detaches from the fruit rind. Hence, this one means an atrophied brain and, therefore, synonymous to estupido, laglag, duldog. Being a certifiable walking example myself, I know a few of them walking around here. It takes one to know one.

Joe Padre
6/21/2007 6:45:16 PM

Casla cumpet a tecka is a derisive phrase, usually pertaining to a woman who's head over heals over her man. When not used derisively, it could mean tight, good fit.

Joe Padre
6/21/2007 7:49:28 PM

Cas calap-it ti kiling is a comparative phrase meaning as flexible or pliant as a bamboo (kiling is a spineless variety of bamboo). Remember the fight/chase scenes high up on the bamboo groove canopy in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and how the bamboos swayed so beautifully? It could also mean an innate strength in a skinny frame.

Zeny Padre
6/21/2007 11:11:30 PM

Barsanga is a kind of grass that behaves like lawn sod. Tumangad iti barsanga literally means the dead buried (doesn't have to be six feet deep) face up as if looking at the grass cover as opposed to impalnaaw which is someone wasted and lying above ground exposed to the dew overnight. It can be used as a threat: Cayatmo aya ti tumangad iti barsanga?

Kinapudnona ket iti panangipagarupco, Sherma Adingco, ket saan a ti cayat a sawen ti "tumangad iti barsanga" ti cayatmo nga ukiten no di ket adda cayatmo a pangtaan wenno butbutngen

Joe Padre
6/29/2007 2:18:26 PM

'Nia ngay ti cayat a sawen ti "Agdamili canto iti asawam..."

7/11/2007 8:02:20 AM

"Agdamili canto iti asawam". That means that the spouse to which the comment is intended is consigned to the doghouse, unless something is done quickly to mend whatever was the reason the comment was made.

In the case of Kobe Bryant in his much publicized act of infidelity committed in a Colorado hotel, he had to buy a stunning $4-million 8-carat purple diamond ring for his wife and pay off the mortgage on the house of his mother-in-law. Of course, to Bryant, that was peanuts compared to the potential massive expense of going through divorce court!

Leighton Costello Tacata
1/26/2010 5:41:56 PM

naimbag nga aldaw tau apo... kayat ko kuma ti agpatulong kadetoy project qh ti major ko iti subject nga translation...we are required to submit 30 examples of idioms of ilocano that can be translated into filipino then english...awan gamin ti ideak...if you can help me i would be very grateful...thanks... im hoping for your immediate response....

Raymundo Pe Benito Domingo
2/7/2010 8:20:00 PM

Naimbag nga oras kakailian. Saan nga idyoma daytoy ikonsultak kadakayo no di ket simple nga translation laeng(simple kadi nga agpayso?). Ania kadi ti iluko ti ALAMAT wenno LEGEND?


Ag-Loginka pay nga umuna Kailian sakbay nga agposteka.