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election 2007
5/20/2007 7:16:46 AM

Hi Manong Leo,

Greetings from Kaohsiung!

Thanks for the response. You are correct. Yor proposal should be the proper
way. I appreciate the compliments specially coming from you. My mom and the
Speaker are first degree cousins. Their parents are brothers.Had they been
brother and sister, I would be Ambassador now! Hehehe.

See you in July. I'll bring my wife and children along for the Summit.
Please inform Mitch that the attractive Taiwanese lady he met and dated here
is already having her Pre Natal check-ups!

Dios iti agngina!

>Subject: Re: [UPRhoSig] Response to Louie's Frat Trivia, Correction Please
>Date: Sat, 19 May 2007 23:14:46 EDT
>Politics is a strange creation. In the last elections, we have witnessed
>blood relatives fighting each other , . . son against father, brother
>against sibling,uncle versus niece or nephew. etc.. In some places,
>lives have
>been needlessly sacrificed. And for what ?
>Some of us (me included) have made comments regarding some candidates,
>or not. Wittingly or unwittingly, we make negative comments about a
>candidate or public official who may have a personal relation (blood or
>otherwise) to a brod. I am sure that some of us may have a thing or two
>to say
>about Senator Lapid that is unflattering. But I am sure that not a lot
>of us
>know that a brod works in his Senate Office. His livelihood definitely is
>entertwined with Senator Lapid. This brod, I think his name is Jericho or
>something, have helped me in some ways that only a Sigma Rhoan could do to
>brod. I may forget his name, but I will never forget that act of
>and camaraderie extended to me.
>In this context, we should refrain from publicly demonizing a brod or
>non-brod candidate or public official as it may affect the sensitivities
>of a brod
>who may have a relationship with that individual, blood or otherwise. I do
>not personally know and I have never met Speaker De Venecia. Newspaper
>columnists describe him as a driven man, imbued with a vision to change
>our form of
>government, by whatever means. Whatever his faults, I am sure that his
>intentions are honest and noble. . . . and I will leave it at that. We
>let the media, not us, do their job to bring to the public whatever is
>to be brought to light.
>I have had the pleasure of enjoying the company G.B. Tangco here in Los
>Angeles, years back. A true red-blooded Rhosig, G.B. is the nicest brod
>could ever meet. That he reacts to the comments of Louie in his Frat
>is quite understandable. Speaker De Venecia is his Uncle. I believe his
>mother is the sister of Speaker De Venecia.
>Leo Beligan '65



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