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SIGMA RHO/salonga
9/26/2007 7:07:12 AM

The Sigma Rho sans Salonga

Batch 1971

Mario Raval
The Sigma Rho Fraternity will survive the resignation of Jovito Salonga, one of its most distinguished members since our fraternity’s formal establishment in the University of the Philippines in 1938.
Salonga resigned his membership in reaction to reports about the alleged involvement of the Sigma Rho in the hazing of a UP student. His resignation carried prominently by tri-media sent everyone asking this question: Will Sigma Rho survive Salonga’s resignation?

That question was a legitimate reaction, given the prominent identification of Salonga with Sigma Rho and Sigma Rho with Salonga all throughout Salonga’s political life.

The answer to that was quick. Tony Meer, the Grand Archon Emeritus and oldest surviving Sigma Rhoan, who joined the Sigma Rho the same year that Salonga did, said yes, and went public to ask for Salonga’s apology. Meer then rallied us his fraternity brothers with these words: “We made him (referring to Salonga). He is free to leave us. Let us move on.”

Membership in the Sigma Rho is not imposed. It is a matter of choice. Once that choice is made, the Sigma Rho takes over to help its new member survive and flourish. A member is free to reject that help, or to ask for more. [The Sigma Rho has a vast reservoir of assets, tangible or intangible, available to its members]. And a member who has survived and flourished is just as free to pay back the Sigma Rho and its succeeding generations of members to sustain that cycle of “helping each other” or deny that help and proceed on his own.



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