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SIGMA RHO/salonga
9/26/2007 7:13:42 AM

Salonga may have also has forgotten the libertarian concept in the Sigma Rho of allowing different thoughts to contend to let the Sigma Rho bloom. He lived through it during the onset of the Marcos years, when he was on one side while Paeng Salas was on the other. He lived through it in the martial law years, when he was on one side while Johny Enrile was on the other. He lived through it while he was in the Senate, with Ed Angara on one side while he was on the other. He has lived through it on many political and constitutional issues, with him on one side and Frank Drilon or Tony Carpio on the other.

The issue over the death of a UP student is one such defining moment. The truth about his death, whether in the hands of the Sigma Rho or not, is yet to be established. While the investigation is yet to be completed, the Sigma Rho is not to be condemned by any of its members. That is the right thing to do .

One cannot blame Salonga in his confusion in his old age, and the fact that he has not immersed deep enough in fraternity affairs ever since he left the Senate.

Sigma Rho as an institution in the University of the Philippines and a vital cog in the political and economic life of the nation is far too deep, well-entrenched, advanced and strong, that it can survive any crisis. Its death following Salonga’s resignation is mere wishful thinking on the part of its detractors.

The Sigma Rho is not wanting in materials to be able to move on. No one has followed the lead of Salonga. In fact, all its members without exception have rallied behind the call of Tony Meer to unite to survive.

Tony Meer has seen and lived through far worse crises in the Sigma Rho (since time immemorial) than the present one. Each time, the Sigma Rho survived. That, he says, is the true mark of the Sigma Rho, a survivor.


Ruth Tactacan
10/31/2007 6:22:47 AM

Have a great time on your trip.


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