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bridge the gap
11/2/2007 9:29:02 PM

walk in into one corner
see most of the clatter
but when i started reading
i found it full of meaning

i left the place in peace
better than hugs and kisses
strengthen and extended my bridge
as well as revive my courage

i always wanted to leave a sign
thanks, encouragement along that line
but my pen folded and stray away
to crevices of mind to write poetry


11/3/2007 11:05:19 PM

nut on a lot

putt the last hole with smile
another day spend; worthwhile
i heard a drop on the sand
wasn't a ball but a pecan

i pick and look around
oh! my, you can fill up a can
i put in my golfbag, a few
i could but i have to go

as i walk to my car
rain drops like a growl
pop the trunk; throw my bag
pecans dribble on parking lot

11/5/2007 1:10:46 AM

trying to relax

sun peeking through the mighty sea
rays caressing the leaves of a tree
as waves forming geysers and sprays
colors of rainbow are there to see

sit; wait for the day to get bright
and set the golfballs on their flight
visualizing the path they'll make
hoping it won't come down the lake

sipping choco drinks; munching muffins
telling stories; laughing with friends
no sales talk nor castle building
came to relax; that's what i'm doing

11/5/2007 4:00:34 PM

rio me amor

as i open the window to the sea
beautiful, giant rock inviting me
shape like an egg upright and shiny
they call it sugar lobe of the bay

sails fills the bay like rainbow
gliders fly high to the wind blow
girls play volleyball with their feet
barely clothe; they just string it

weather soft enough to give you tan
water, deep, so clear and luke warm
music, meringue, samba, sound of calypso
it's another place you have to go

11/8/2007 1:36:50 PM

glitters cascading from ceiling
like drapes; colorful curtain
painted on palm leaves; so green
as sweet music start playing

busy feet trudge the carpet floor
some have lights, wheels to roll
few chose stopping by food court
to eat, rest, wait of some sort

an asian girl waving her arm
inviting everybody to come
to massage your aching back
in ten minutes for fair bucks

to be continued...

11/11/2007 2:41:36 PM

sorry my mind shifted to pangasinan
at that time so i said "to be continued"
well you can read it at
let me try ilokano.

awis ti bisin innak narikna
ngem atiddog met dagiti linya
tay bulsak apan ko inarikap
addamet kendi a sangadakulap

pinisel ko ti maysa sak insubo
nalipatak met ten tay bisin ko
pumartak payen ti pagnagnak
adu payen dagiti malablabasak

nagistayan nalipatak tay gandat
gumatang ti napuskol nga maaramat
ta nabayag nga adadtoyen ni apo lam-ek
itured ko koma ngem umukuok met

...rumasayen dagiti nakapila
ti pakanan; saan nga libri
daytoy agbayad ka.

manonton dalan
8/20/2008 1:52:30 AM

wind power, clean as ice

turning blades dots wide horizon
pressing against wind on all season
swooshing sound; a giant, slow fan
grazing cows; they really don’t mind

beneath those domes are busy electrons
thru copper wire to your lovely homes
quiet, cheaper to make, fresher ozone
that is wind power we love to own

when wind is fast blades tend to be flat
when wind is slow blades just pitch out
worry not about flying off from shaft
we have safety features installed for that

sore eyes for some of us; can’t blame you
distract migratory birds that could be too
clean air, affordable electricity, i sacrifice
i’ll find beautiful place to focus my eyes

manonton dalan
9/6/2008 5:15:55 AM

smiling sweetly
by manonton dalan

sitting watching morning calm
admiring as brightness slowly come
sweet chirping not far beyond
whispering shadows beneath palm

pretty bloom open her petals free
breathing freshness of morning sea
dew hangs, sparkles there to see
as i remember you smiling sweetly


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