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so people will come to you
11/11/2007 5:25:14 PM

long flowing hair on her face
she blows it, as if is a breeze
put my fingertips on her lips
she open wide, held with her teeth

then she ask me if 'm hungry
i close my eyes pretend to be sleepy
she comes over hugs me and tickles me
"you eat, so you will be as smart as me"

i watch my shadow in her eyes
as i slowly nibble on my fries
sometimes she sung me a lullaby
but i prefer watching the sky

she's too tall when she stands up
i hug her legs and try to look up
she press my nose with her fingertips
smell so sweet, i could never forget

we were riding a bus, she let me sit on her lap
she whispers, "look far so you won't throw up"
tired looking at trees and houses; i fall asleep
softer than my pillow; that's still the best

one day, i pick a blue ice candy
she said, " you'll grow up lonely"
then why you pick bright yellow
she said," so people would come to you"

she comes on summer; left on rainy day
i always cry but the rain wash it away
i got a hug, kiss on a cheek; bid bye to kay
oh! my, that memory is still wih me today


11/12/2007 3:32:57 PM

am alive

whirlwinds i use to chase
shower me with bits and pieces
one time i caught a big one
lift me up and sent me down

wonderful feeling of weightlesness
fearful, floating on swirling breeze
fall is a thud; lucky on the sand
never did quit; chase them for fun

one day a tuttle tale reach my mom
i tried; she knows better than i am
then i tried the whirpool on river flood
got caught downward; kick the sand; am live

.. just writing my memories

11/12/2007 4:00:51 PM

where's dad?

a gentle spider by my window
caught; netly wrap a mosquito
fresh catch she'll never eat
keep it alive; eat the rest

when it's windy she'll hide
when it's raining she'll ride
the web and shake off the raindrops
and keep her food in tight wraps

one day saw tiny creatures like saw dust
crawling, dangling, piggy back riding; a blast
those are young spiders just got out of sac
but where's dad, never seen one; it's a fact

11/13/2007 2:03:48 PM

free lunch for me

i walked slowly to the tee
with all prayers in me
i saw the ball flew; hit a tree
and safely landed on the fairway

about two hundred yards to the pin
good contact but landed short; wind
pitching wedge and six foot to go
putt with gentleness of a kiss
it rolls slowly; disappear in hue

i raised my hands as if i won the day
i screamed; let out my full energy
kiss my putter, shook hands, roll away
that's par(18) and a free lunch fo me

11/13/2007 2:05:19 PM

hanging kanluran

matatamis na ngiti alay ng labi
marahang balikas di nagkukunwari
galing sa binibining ubod ng yumi
sa luntiang, dulo ng bahaghari

gubat mang puno ng mga bulaklak
sa pagsapit ng umaga humahalimuyak
pugad ng naggagandahang lumilipadlipad
sa puso ko; kung minsay napapadpad

sa bawat sandaling akoy nag-iisa umaasa
naglalakbay, nakikipagbunyi sa mga alaala
kung bakit dimawaglit sa aking isip;kasaglit
sa dulo ng langit ay abang nagpupumilit


11/13/2007 2:06:20 PM

maasingger so inawa

marmarlang lamet iray matay ugugaw
maomaong ira agnira mansalampitaw
kada sempet mo sisiimen day balkot
manilalo tan saray regalo so pinonot

wala met lay akataryan daiset
aliwan singa arum ya iret-iret
aliling koy santaklaus agew-agew
betel, pelag, panagbubusel, tiagew

balet say liket agmo nasaliw
punasen ton amin pati iliw
kanyan sige labat anggad wala
maasingger so inawa; sikatoy tua

11/13/2007 2:07:34 PM

didiay blackberry

bitek ti kaunggan, uray la agragutub
parnuayen ti panagmaga toy karabukob
pasurutak koma ti nalammuyot a basi
ngem awan met; anusak la toy kapi

nalammiis manen dagiti pul-oy daya
maangot ko metten ti kararua ti paskua
manmano pay dagiti kahon a naisagana
adon ti nagawis kinyami a makipunsiya

mangbalkotak san ti puraw nga basi
wenno bungbunga, kawes ken kindi
kayat dan samet ay-ayam nga DVD
no silpon ket didiay blackberry

...ilakok sa diay bakasyon ko
wenno plastiken.

11/17/2007 2:14:20 AM

tekmelan mo labat

diyad uma wala may kuandan kulos
dakela langoylangoy ya tamos, kuros
wala met so mansepsep na dala, linta
say gelegele met akakutep ed pitek

kapara toy bisukol, gusipeng, alireg
amay dakumo mansipit kadukol toy uleg
pantat, egat, gurami, tilapia, sapsap
walarad silsilong na water lily ed tanap

patang, batbatog, kuryat, walarad tambib
mi-uusilad tilay diyad kaute-utelay talaib
si kuyang balet aburat mansanggook ed papag
manalagar na ekat; bibil toy kikitkitay apangat

11/17/2007 2:15:20 AM


diyad balon lukas na eskuela
balon elpo so sapatos ko sika
diyad panakar na agew apungpung
anggapulay lay sapatos kon isulong

wala ray kaeskuelak ya taga marabok
walay sulong dan suikos ya mankatok
sakey ya agew sinaltan koy bayawas
insulong ko piyan dapan koy agnagasgas

naplag so suelas nen apilat so guma
agko antay gawaen ko; inbantak kod uma
nanlapud saman manakarak ya kaslisali sika
say salik natan, alapir ya agat; sikatoy tua

11/17/2007 2:16:23 AM

awawey ko

samit na imis mon mankulkulirep
saray linggis mo agaylay megket
bosis moy mauy-uyamon kansiyon
amamayuen toy nonot kon magnayon

diyad panbukbukor kod labi
ipapawit kod siplog so iliw ko
idadalem koray aketel ya awawey ko
ya singa mankirkirlap ya kankanti

aminsan akasempet ed lingwan
atabunay ules tan daganan
balet asabi maaron kabuasan
sikansikani walad kanonotan

Adrian Pagaduan
11/22/2007 2:21:43 AM


on this day of thanksgiving
we feast on turkey cooking
sweet potato, ham, breads
apple pies, fruits, seeds

we pray with all our heart
we nibble our food; very smart
most of all; mingling, sharing
talking about how are we doing

the deeper the night it gets
we show our voices still sweet
with a few sips of spirit
surely; we are enjoying it

and when the feast is over
hope someone would be driver
if not you can always sleepover
thanks; i love you; til next november

...with all my heart thank you very
much to you all. God willing, your
happiness will continue to christmas.
i always love you all. say Diyos manuna
lawas. md

11/24/2007 1:04:21 AM


simmering heat on the horizon
cracks on the ground i am on
no sign of life, not even a grass
been like that thousand years pass

could be mountain, riverbed
where wild animals once hid
but now everything is dead
dried up fossils in rocks bed

i could still hear their cry
before the life, the river run dry
i could still smell the lush vegetation
before they are burn, cut for consumption

now i could feel the dryness of my throat
burning heat, cooking my head and my foot
turbulent wind lifting me off the ground
relentlessly, pounding my face with sand

11/24/2007 2:47:52 AM

like us

fallen seeds covered with leaves
keep them warm and healthy to breath
and when it's cold snow falls to a deep
remain safe besides squirrel's crave

oh! bare, are trees in slumber
exposing insects to winged hunter
clinging moss will dry and soon fall
leaving their barks smooth and beautiful

pretty mistletoes are still up there
to remind us they are alive and well
just like we do, we seem not to care
deep in our heart, love them so dear

11/24/2007 7:33:40 AM

romantic breeze

violin; a moaning grace
picture of passionate kiss
moments beyond compare
taste of honey; you'll dare

close your eyes and journey in time
feeling alone not; magic in your hand
the tender sigh from deep inside
trickling to tears you can't hide

confident with touch of glow
desire filling up the hollow
like romantic breeze of fall
embracing your soul and all

11/24/2007 10:37:06 AM

brings out

stricken gong; a provoking sound
bursting waterdrops on the ground
showering bits and pieces of sand
purring; then quiet moment stand

crescending notes from far beyond
rippling waves across the ocean
wings gentle flight in time span
in our mind leave us to be kind

music cradle our heart desire
waves touch the shore with fire
flight lands gentle as feather
brings out in us a true lover

11/27/2007 1:16:36 AM

romantic breeze creation

it's dark and the whispers filtering through my ears;
then a tiny light on a tip of a wand. the place is
getting brighter now. ooops that is a bow for violin.
lace cascading into her arms attach to a magnificent
see throw white fabric.

i trace the fabric holding my breath feeling the
suspense of a master piece painter.she has a long
hair with very sweet smile. a sampaguita lei on her
supple neck, accentuated by single yellow rose with
plunging v-neck fonting the impressive health of a
beauty far within my reach besides the tip of my
magical brush. fabric is so kind enough to drape
half a thigh...aah! tina turner legs with sparkling
heels like dagger that will pierce your virgin heart
in the mids of the night and leave you moaning...with
tears soaking your victoria secret pillow...como duele mi amor.

with quick stroke of a bow shutters the breathless
moments and send this poor soul into orbit of ecstacy.
aah! that's four season by vivaldi. my mind become
one with the music and words start to ooze to my fingertips:

violin; a moaning grace
picture of passionate kiss
moments beyond compare
taste of honey; you'll dare

close your eyes and journey in time
feeling alone not; magic in your hand
the tender sigh from deep inside
trickling to tears you can't hide

confident with touch of glow
desire filling up the hollow
like romantic breeze of fall
embracing your soul and all

with a gentle bow she vanish to the canopy
of a curtain, never again to be seen but
music still linger with my undulating breath
and my poem painted just moment for you my
beloved readers to read. thank you and God bless,
say Diyos manuna lawas.

11/29/2007 4:11:01 PM

what will i do now

my hand bruise, my mind struggle
the wind blow, so as the bugle
i keep straight, to top i get
but tomorrow, they shall forget

time did spin in faster fashion
i push more buttons in a situation
i despise myself but it should be done
before the chance would surely gone

i saw you up there but i must
but worried about your feelings crush
i made up my mind to top or never
thanks God, i could slip into cover

....or should i

11/30/2007 5:23:59 PM

saringit ti lua

ay-ayamek iti napalabas ita
diyak magawidan dagiti lua
diyak maiwaknit a malagip
sennaay nagbalin ittip

sibugan ti lua bumlad
no sabong koma agukrad
daytoy nasakit ken garumyad
ikabil ko langenen panagalwad

apay ngata iyarignak a sanikua
awan met imbagbagak wenno sapata
maysaak a bulong naregreg ti daga
kayat na ti agsaringit ita lua

May Bernal
12/12/2007 8:30:09 AM

.. naimbag a paskua .. kaka Adrian.. mayat man dagtoy daniw mo..

12/14/2007 12:13:47 AM

Diyos ti agngina..May palubos ni Apo

5/6/2008 10:54:44 AM candle light

neatly stock moss laden rocks
run along banks of an old docks
welcoming breeze from the sea
as well as waves bursting spray
as tourist celebrate their trip
with wine, food, dancing, music

maidens from rocky meadows came
all dress up, adorn to charm
soft fingers stroking liquored lads
raising tempo of their craving bloods
drooling minds mask by night
lonesome souls lost their freight

throbbing heart muffled by drum
deaf ears drown from shots of rum
rock music loosening their minds
gyrating bodies to rhythmic lines
food plentiful as that of kings palace
a gentleman sips his brandy in solace

6/5/2008 3:43:44 PM

it should

lovely days has passed
playing on green grass
sun brings sticky sweat
birds chirping a bit

gentle rain comes and go
leaving leaves to grow
tornados came to visit
tore houses, scattered street

flowers blooms, so many
butterflies awesome to see
writing, i'm still feeling good
that's the way it should

i know.

manonton dalan
8/24/2008 3:35:40 AM

one more time

i waited for this moment
to look into your eyes
and search your heartbeats
where it lies

you smile
i feel it deep inside
bursting like firecrackers
of moonlight july

i reach to your hands
i lean over for a kiss
both our eyes close
one more time

manonton dalan
9/6/2008 5:20:40 AM

fear within
by manonton dalan

grass bending to wind
dust rolls as it rain
ants floats on puddle
as i step on, can’t scramble

umbrella broke so i take
rolling down my eyes, neck
so close i have to run quick
beore branches start to break

no lightning nor thunder roar
maybe too cold from downpour
it is certainly just other rain
there’s concern and fear within


Ag-Loginka pay nga umuna Kailian sakbay nga agposteka.