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12/14/2007 4:21:49 AM

There are times when we sit back and try to contemplate on life. We wonder its origin, purpose and perhaps, even question all of its existing definitions. Regardless of our age, there are times when our human side would demand a more realistic answer to problems, yet attempts at philosophising, more often than not, brings us back to already existing answers.

While I was arranging my collection of Philippine movies, I came across an unopened copy of ‘Magnifico’ given to me when I was invited as a guest during its screening as an opening film to the Brussels Film Festival. That’s some years ago now but I can still remember very well how it triggered my tear glands and of the others who watched the film. It is a tear-jerker, just as what the New York Times said in its review of the film.

I decided to watch the movie again, but this time I did not cry. I became philosophical instead, questioning the ironies of life when things become too hard to handle; when the wheel of life gets stuck too long at the bottom.


12/14/2007 4:23:36 AM

The story starts on the day Magnifico is born. His father names him after a talented magician who once came to their town’s annual ‘peryahan,’ believing that Magnifico will one day become as gifted as the ‘magnificent one.’

The countryside family of ‘Itay’ and ‘Inay’ is faring well despite the added burden of having, after Magnifico, a younger daughter (Bunso) suffering from cerebral palsy. There is also the couple’s pride, their eldest son (Kuya) who is studying in Manila as a scholar. Asking no more than what they need everyday, the family lives comfortably enough by doing odd jobs around, including Lola who works as the village ‘hilot.’ They also have a good circle of friends, typical of a small village — varied enough in character and socio-economic status.

Every member of the family has his or her own pastime during the idle hours of the day. Inay, Lola and Bunso stays around the house to watch soap operas and Itay uses his spare time to solve a Rubik’s cube which he has been doing for almost a year. Magnifico, in his tender age of nine, is loved around as a sweet little darling of the neighbourhood.

Then, suddenly, their once peaceful life changes. Lola has an accident while helping a group of kids recover their kite entangled in a branch near where she is doing hilot. The family’s small savings is used up to pay the hospital bills. But later, Lola is also diagnosed of terminal cancer.

Everything seems to crumble, especially when Kuya comes home, only to announce that he just lost his scholarship. The family soon begins to notice that Bunso’s condition is not getting any better, contrary to what they always believed. At the age of seven, she can’t still say a single word. And Magnifico is not turning out to be a genius after all. He barely can make out how much a thousand pesos is when he accompanies his mother to pawn the last jewel of the family — Inay’s wedding ring. The cash is used to buy mainly medicines for Lola and, as a show of defiance to their situation, to buy pancit to feast on for the forthcoming perya.

Among all the other problems of the family that they need to solve, the most difficult one is how to produce the thirty thousand pesos needed to bury Lola if and when she dies. These problems are no secret to Magnifico, but the boy remains calm and resolute even after hearing his own father tell his mother that neither he (Magnifico) brings hope for the family. Magnifico’s matter-of-fact approach is perhaps brought by his inherent love and attachment to the affairs of the family (as opposed to his older brother’s carefree preoccupation to the influences of adolescence, which includes pursuing an impossible love affair with a local lass that is opposed by the girl’s well-off father due to the boy’s abject poverty).

12/14/2007 4:24:40 AM

A few days before the start of the annual peryahan, Magnifico sets out to find solutions to the family’s problems, including making a promise to Bunso to bring her to the perya and ride the carousel.

First, he goes out to ask and beg for scrap woods from the local furniture maker to construct the most expensive problem to tackle — coffin for Lola in anticipation of her eventual demise. With the help of his best friend, he tells his father he is making a crude, ordinary wooden box whenever his father asks about what he is doing or when neighbors asks why he needs the tools he borrows and leftover paints he gathers. He takes Lola’s old wedding gown and brings to Kuya’s girl friend who promises him to have it refitted by their workers.

Next is the problem of getting money to buy a burial site. He and his best friend set out to produce cash by selling cold drinks in the perya. He earns 310 pesos but Lola was so much in pain he eventually gives the 300 to Itay to buy pain killer for Lola. Magnifico saves the 10 pesos for the carousel ride. Finding themselves the following day, already competing with others who copied their style of selling cold drinks, they go home empty handed and set aside for the time being, the problem of acquiring a place for Lola in the cemetery. He silently wept and innocently tells Lola to try to stay alive for a little bit longer.

Out of frustration, Itay abandons his Rubik’s cube and throws it — unsolved — on the place where Magnifico is working with his already finished ‘wooden box.’ He punches Kuya for telling him that he is to marry his rich girl friend to solve their problem about money, which, unfortunately, is overheard by the girl friend as she is at their doorstep to deliver the refitted funeral gown.

In between these scenes, Magnifico finds a solution on how to better give a drink to his invalid sister by using a toy water gun he begged from a good friend. He reads bedtime stories to calm down the agitated Bunso. Magnifico shows, for the first time in his life, a grudge to Kuya’s best friend for teasing his sister’s unintelligible mumblings. He still does errands for the villagers and continues to be sweet with everyone. He even tries to copy Lola’s herbal concoctions to help an irrational old lady who can’t speak as a result of a failed suicide by getting herself hanged.

Among Magnifico’s wildest dreams is getting Bunso a wheelchair so that he can bring her to the perya. He asks an adult friend (Tito) to lend him his mother’s wheelchair. The man refuses for his mother has just died and he hasn’t overcome his sorrows yet. It’s too painful for him to part with his mother’s things.

At the last night of the perya, the wheel of life seems to turn better again for Magnifico. As they are about to leave their house for the peryahan, Bunso speaks the first clear words to Magnifico. “Kuya...peyya,” she says with a smile on her face.

“Inay, Lola.., peyya,” she bade goodbye to Inay and Lola on their way out.

12/14/2007 4:25:41 AM

With much pride and enthusiasm, Magnifico carries Bunso using a piece of cloth to keep her on his back while he walks the mile-long stretch to the peryahan. Midway to the peryahan, they are given a free car ride by their older brother’s friend who used to tease Bunso.

After enjoying for the first time the carousel ride where the kind ticket girl gives them a discount, Magnifico can’t seem to buy anything with his remaining 4 pesos. He can’t even buy a cotton candy for his little sister.

They just watch contentedly without feeling pity for themselves. They watch the other rides as Magnifico patiently explains to his sister how it’s like to be on the Ferris wheel or the other fast moving attractions. Moving around, they meet two of the ladies for whom Magnifico used to run errands. They each give Magnifico 100 pesos, encouraging them to try all the rides in the peryahan. They do, but everywhere they go, they are given free rides by the ride owners. Someone even gives them a colorful balloon.

They go home happy and contented. On their way, they meet their father and Bunso talks to Itay in a clear voice, “Itay, pelya.”

Magnifico’s adult friend, Tito, who is just on the other side of the street and who has known Magnifico’s ordeal all along, witnesses this exchange between Itay and Bunso and his heart softens. He finally decides to give the wheelchair to Magnifico. He summons the young boy the following morning through Inay who gives Magnifico a motherly pinch on the cheek before letting him go and see his friend.

Downtown, while Tito tries to cross the busy street to join Magnifico on the other side, he nearly gets hit by a car if not for Magnifico’s warning shouts. When the traffic is cleared, Magnifico is no longer where he was standing. He was dragged by a passing truck almost 100 meters away from where he was last seen by Tito — dead.

The next scene is of Itay cutting into half the wooden box Magnifico made for Lola. Inay finds the two hundred and four pesos the ladies from the peryahan gave, nicely folded in a piece of paper with a note: ‘For Lola’s flowers.’

Magnifico’s funeral is attended by the whole village. Tito donates his reserved lot in the cemetery for Magnifico. The rich and the poor are there. The neighbors who are not originally talking with each other join hand in hand. Kuya realizes his mistakes and is forgiven by his girlfriend. The father of Kuya’s girlfriend renews his friendship with the family. The croaky old solitary woman to whom Magnifico gave the concoction gets well and joins the funeral.

At the end of the day, the family collects more than thirty thousand pesos from aids. There is more than enough to bury Lola if and when she dies and to buy back Inay’s pawned wedding ring. Inay finally affords to grant Lola’s wish: a small piece of molasses.

Itay also finds the Rubik’s cube while he is tidying up the tools Magnifico has used — already solved.

The last frame is a picture of the sky where a forceful sun shines brightly behind ominous dark clouds.

12/14/2007 4:27:10 AM

Pinauluak daytoy a page iti LOOKING LIFE THRU THE EYES OF A CHILD ta padasek koma a paggidiaten dagiti solution ti maysa a nataengan ken iti ubing kadagiti problema iti biag a naipresenta iti daytoy a pelikula.

12/14/2007 4:27:44 AM

Manto ni Aligagaw

Dukotka ni ulpit, saligemgem ni buteng
Kuspag ti pasamak, kari nga aleng-aleng
Maysaka a bambanti, taguob ni allilaw
Anniniwan ni pangta, manto ni Aligagaw.

Langebka a simmangbay, nagmanto a lawag
Ulaw ti kararua, mangyaw-awan a dalagadag
Sumyagka a sumangpet kasigud mo’t tabbaaw
Maysaka a bambanti, manto ni Aligagaw.

Panagpagem nalamiis a tawa a pagtaptapayaak
Layusem ti paladpad, lugar pagar-arapaapak
Lemmesem karayo, aramidem a parparawpaw
Maysaka a bambanti, manto ni Aligagaw.

Iwasawasmo, purosem ni namnama, tinnagem
Lukaisam kurtinak a pinaglumenen ti panawen
Unnoyko ken pakaasi, impatom a salawasaw
Maysaka a bambanti, manto ni Aligagaw.

Linibasmo daydi impategko a puso a bagnos
Inuyusmo’t alintataok, turedko’t naigusugus
Dati a kanta iti kaltaang, nagbalidan a kawaw
Maysaka a bambanti, manto ni Aligagaw.

Ibaludnak kadagiti diding a pinapusiaw ni saem
Nangisit nga anniniwan ti inka pinagtaeng
Dati a talingen-ngen ni tured, siakon ti alawaaw
Maysaka a bambanti, manto ni Aligagaw.

Vernie Pasic
12/14/2007 4:35:27 AM

Wow! klap! klap! klap!

Diak la impagarup nga nga dumadaniwka met gayam ka VF, anya pay ngarud ket siak met ti immuna nga bisitam ditoy baro nga pataguabmon.

Awan naudi ni insan ta nakanaat to met ngamin nga magna.

Sherma Benosa
12/14/2007 5:25:01 AM

Naaaaa! Adda met daniw! Huuuuuuu! VF Buddy. I like it. :-)

Your post could be a springboard for discussion, Buddy. Which do you want us to discuss first? How about the plot?

12/15/2007 11:15:57 AM

Hey Vernie kabsat, thank you. Sagpaminsan laeng a makasuratak, depende no adda makitak a naan-anay a gapu hehehehe!

Which post Buddy? Magnifico, the film or the poem?

The poem, I thought I saw a 'raven' the time I wrote that poem.

Magnifico is a real tear jerker. Padasem ti gumatang no adda makitam wenno iyawidkonto lattan diay kopiak.

Buddy, you said you want to discuss about the plot of the film. Okay, let me ask you. Do you think it's easier to solve a problem no aramiden iti kas inaramid ni Magnifico?

Let's take one situation. Diay lungon ni Lola, masapul kadi a napintas ti lungon ti matay? Ditoy ayanko ket standardized. Awan ti marmol or any fancy materials.

Ammok a dita Pilipinas ket masapul pay a bongga ti lungon.

I don't want to sound morbid ngem kasapulan kadi a napintas ti lungon?

Sherma Benosa
12/15/2007 11:22:05 AM

Hey, I love your daniw. Isuna laeng ta it's so sad...

Sherma Benosa
12/15/2007 11:24:09 AM

see some loopholes in the plot based on your summary. But then again, sometimes, even good stories have some loopholes. So I guess, we’ll discuss the loopholes later na lang.

For now, let’s take one detail at a time.

The lungon. When Inang died, my brother (who chose her coffin) got a beautiful one. It was more expensive than the second choice, but he thought it was ok because the additional cost divided by 6 brothers (innem nga agkakabsat da Daddy) is not much, nangruna ta adda met contributionmi nga agkakasinsin.

When Amang died, we still got a beautiful one, but it was much cheaper than Inang’s kasi nagkataon nga adda discount idiay funeral parlor.

Masapul kadi a napintas ti lungon? In my brother’s case, it was his closeness to Amang and Inang that made him choose the more expensive one, plus he was thinking, it was the last thing we could do to our deads’ physical bodies. In addition, his mathematics said it was alright ta adukami met nga agtitunnulong.

So I guess it’s not really a matter of kasapulan kadi a nangina or what. Sometimes, there are things that make us decide to choose one over the other and it’s not because we are concerned with what people say but because we feel it’s what our dead deserves. Of course, if the situation were different, like they died a madamakami pay laeng nga agad-adal ket nailumlomkami pay laeng iti utang, I don’t think we would have chosen a coffin a dimi ammo no nottuy ti pangkautanmi iti pagbayad.

(Come to think of it, I don’t even notice no napintas wenno saan ti lungon dagiti nakilamlamayak ta saanak met a sumirsirip iti lungon, huuuuuuu! Beautiful coffin or not, it’s the grief of the bereaved family that I deeply feel; nothing else.)

And on interment day, it’s the service that I am more concerned about. The prayers we offered, the songs, etc. I am more concerned a nairuknoy a nasayaat ti immunan a kabsat iti saklang ti Apo.

12/18/2007 12:01:46 PM

Hi Buddy!

Having the pleasure of meeting Amang before he died and reading your article about the love life of your grandparents in Rimat, I do agree that they deserve the best their children could offer.

But then, in the film, the adults seem to be more pre-occupied on the burden of where to get money to bury their dead. It seems to me that money (nowadays) is a prerequisite to die. I find it as an irony of life (and death).

If I remember it right, idi ubbing (smile) kami pay, saan unay a magastuan dagiti agminatay (ti kunak) There used to be what they call as ‘Saranay’, a thing we try to do here among Ilokanos or whoever wants to join kadagiti pada a Pilipino. And it helps a lot nangruna kadagitay awan papelna.

The Saranay I’m talking about idiay ayanmi (idi) :) , ket ti panagkukontribusion dagiti agkakaarruba, agkakabagian ken gagayyem; not cash but in kind. I can still remember the day when I went with my grandfather iti maysa a natayan iti kabangibang a bario. Awitna daydi dakkel a ragadi (dua a tao ti mangusar, agsinnumbangir), some nails, a hammer ken metro.

When we arrived there, naraatanen ti aglawlaw ti maysa a dakkel a puon ti sagat and they immediately went to work idi sumangpet diay dakkel a ragadi. They stripped cut the whole tree ket idiayda metten a sinukog ti lungon.

It’s only after watching the film that I began to realize how much our society have changed. Back during my childhood days, awan pay ti sari-sari store ti lungon idi! hehehe! Kaaduan siguro idi a talaga a sinnaranayan ti mangidulin iti minatay.

I’ll never forget my role that day a para guyod iti ‘pagpaltikan’ to draw a straight line tapno nalinteg ti pannakaragadi ti tabla a naaramid manipud iti sibibiag a kayo ti sagat.

Then the hustle bustle of the community is very interesting. Everybody is doing their own specialty to help the bereaved. I think I got my first taste of basi on that day. Sartin wenno ungot a pagsusublatan dagiti lallakay ti usarda idi. Adu kami nga ubbing a mitir and we thought it was fun idi no kasdiay nga adda agminatay. I cannot tell how the pork that was butchered was produced but I know that we also brought a cavan of rice (I’m not sure anymore but the bag was heavy and big) and a gallon of vinegar.

I’ve seen in the film a dagiti mapan makiminatay ket paserbianda ken adda payen makuna a very important persons. I don’t know how it was before but everybody seems to be comfortable and treated equally around the ‘temtem’.

Ah, life is full of unfathomable riddles! Or shall we say, "Life is a never-ending misery” a kas kuna ni Lorna Tolentino idiay film?

Okay Buddy, next topic. What do you think is the relevance of the Rubik’s Cube re: Itay’s intelligence to solve their financial problem and Magnifico’s young mind to be called by his father: ‘another hopeless case’.

Sherma Benosa
12/18/2007 2:51:06 PM

Wow! Thank you for sharing your experience IDI UBINGKA PAY, Buddy!

Idi SIAK TI UBING, uson ti magatang a lungon. (Hehehe. Are we talking about regional difference wenno generational difference? Harharhar!)

I like that concept of SARANAY. Nagmayat ken ngatan. Wen, itan ket pagkapiem ken estimarem dagiti makilamay. :-) But well, okey latta met ta kasla met laeng no agpalualoka, pagkapiem met dagiti makilualo. Ken uray no adda bisitam nga awan okasion, siempre, estimarem latta met. Besides, dagitay makilamay a kakabagian, adda latta met itugotda no kua. Kankanen, etc, etc.

Waaaaaaaaa! I was going to ask you about the significance of the cube in the story! Waaaaaaa! Inunaannak met! Waaaaaaaaa!

Maricar Cabotaje
12/19/2007 5:22:45 PM - The place for myspace comments, glitters, graphics, backgrounds and codes

Uliteg kumustan! Tay paskua min ngay? Hahaha... Have a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to everyone.

Sherma Benosa
12/21/2007 8:15:23 AM

Hi Love! Marry Pascua to you, Buddy! You take care always! Love and kisses from me. Here’s a sweet Christmas song for you. Hope you like it.

12/21/2007 9:13:20 AM

Hi Luv!

Let me great you Merry Christmas too. This time, without any reservations. Thank you for the music.

"All is calm, all is bright".

Love and Kisses too.

12/21/2007 9:34:45 AM

Ops, Maricar, my dear kaanakan! Thank you balasangko.

Naragsak met a Paskuayo amin a sangapamilya.

Rudy Rumbaoa
12/22/2007 11:23:10 AM



Maria Estela Javalde
12/22/2007 2:32:29 PM

Kabsat Clif...... My warm greetings to you and to Sherma. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Good luck to both of you..... God bless.

Imelda Alibuyog
12/22/2007 3:31:09 PM - The place for myspace comments, glitters, graphics, backgrounds and codes
Myspace Chistmas Comments


Ernesto Ugale
12/23/2007 1:52:52 AM

Merry Christmas, balong.

12/23/2007 9:55:10 AM

VF, tanud!
kimterak iti napalalo'su a di met makatung-ed dataon este makapasiar kunak koma...sika nay? la dika unay madanagan kaniak ta sumipla-siplag met ket tay naanem-em a puyopoy, bareng maka-aliwaksayakto met lang.

dimo met la masapul ti aprot' beklat, kuldingennak lang ta adda ammok a pagkautan, no bilang, su na lang ta no matiliwta ket saan a siak ti isarangmo, wen?

idanonmo ti sam-it ti tinubong kadaytay magpalsi-palsiit kenka, wenno rinipunggodakan...ken nasayaat a sappuyot ti umay a baro a tawen!

12/23/2007 11:22:04 AM

Atanud! I'm so glad ta limtuadka met laeng hehehe! Musta ni Atanud a babai? 'Danonmo kadi a ti nabara a kablaawko kenkuana.

Dayta man ngarud apro ti beklat la barbareng no maikkat toy subisubik hehehe! Kasano ket agsasaruno met ti puyaten atanud!

Bay-am dagitay agpalsiit atanud, saanda nga ammo ti tinubong. Ba'am ta siakto ti agtinubong hehehe!

Sapay koma ngarud atanud ta padapada tayo amin a nasayaat ti saklot ti umay a baro a tawen.

Angkel Ernz, thank you 'liteg. Please meet my dear atanud Fred nga i-Sinait. Padam siguro a nalaing nga agoperate iti BAR angkel ta nabangag dagitay taul nga aggapu't Sinait no kasdiay a baro a tawen!

Hi Imee. Thank you very much kabsat.

Aloha Marielle. Thank you too.

Ka Rudy! Thanks a lot. I wish you the best iti 'yaay ti baro a tawen.

Sherma Benosa
12/23/2007 11:43:50 AM

Hi Buddy. This one's for you. I made an animated one, but I don't know yet how — and where — to upload it so I could post it in our blogs. I hope you like this one, even if it's not as good as the one I inteded to post here. YTC...

Image Hosting by

12/23/2007 12:08:33 PM

Joyeux Noël MSB. Je t'aime tellement.

Roger Tolentino
12/23/2007 4:19:26 PM

Gayyem Clifton MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sapay koma ta mataginayon ti kinasayaat ti adda a kasasaad mo kabsat babaen ti tulong ti Apo tayo a Namarsua. Ulitak gayyem NAIMBAG A PASKUA YO AMIN AGRAMAN DAGITI IPATPATEG MO ITI DAYTOY A BIAG!

12/23/2007 7:46:31 PM




Severino Pader
12/27/2007 3:17:04 AM

Balong VF, sapay ta naragsak met laeng ti PASCUAyo dita...
Sapay ta naragsak ken narang-ay to met ti baro a tawenyo!

'Mustan Balong?

12/27/2007 6:28:12 AM

'Tang Sev!

Nasayaat latta met Maestro! Nice to see you back. Sika ngay? I miss our friendly jokes, kanayonem ti umay 'Tang

My Best Wishes To You & And Your Family This Holiday Season!

Frau Fraulein! Waaa, nakaruarka met laeng idiay disierto gayyem! Naimbag met a panangsabatmo ken ti pamiliam iti baro a tawen.

Hello Roger. Happy Holidays too Friend.

Sherma Benosa
12/27/2007 7:04:47 AM

Hello, hello, Buddy! Umayak laeng agreport, hehehe! Wazzup?

Manang Frau! How are you? Am so happy to see you again! Kumustakan, kabsat?

Manong Roger! How are you, Manong? It's so nice to see you here.

Manong Sevie! Wawawi! Thank you for dropping by ditoy dati a playground tayo! Have a good holiday, Manong. :-)

Maricar Cabotaje
12/27/2007 4:41:17 PM - The place for myspace comments, glitters, graphics, backgrounds and codes

Uliteg kumustan!

Alexander Barut
12/28/2007 2:15:57 AM

Nagasat ng isasangbay ti baro a tawen!

Imelda Alibuyog
12/28/2007 12:52:19 PM

Glitter Graphics -


12/28/2007 5:10:10 PM

Merry Christmas! Gayyem VF, addak manen nga umay pasalsalapon.

Nagasat A Baro A Tawen Mo! Gayyem, kasta met kadagiti ay-ayatem iti biag.

KABOOOoooomm! KABAAAnnnnng!
Pumalibbuong, pumalibbaang
lattat' kanyonbembo,
awan la ket mapukpukulan!
maan-anakan, maal-alisan;
malaksid no kayatyot' maalisan (kunkunak laeng Gagayyem)
wenno sumarsarungkar
gapu't kinaliway!

Natalged A Baro A Tawen Yo Amin Gagayyem!

Sherma Benosa
12/28/2007 5:24:22 PM

Hey Buddy! Naaaa! Adda pay met laeng gayam diay salsaludsodem dita ngato a diak pay nasungbatan. Hmmm... I had not thought of the cube in that sense. Ngem ala, padasek a sungbatan uray diak sure.

Let us remember that the cube was not solved by the father; it seems that it was Magnifico who solved it. In that case, the story may be telling us that there are things that the father could not do (or had not thought of doing) that the child could — and did. It may also be showing us that the father was wrong when he said that Magnifico was a hopeless case.

What do you think?

Sherma Benosa
12/28/2007 5:56:44 PM

When I think of the significance of the cube in the story, I think of it in the general sense. The family in the story is beset with many problems which the mature ones could not resolve themselves.

I see the father's throwing of the UNSOLVED cube as a sign of resignation. It may just be an act of utter frustration, of momentary weakness, but when I take into consideration the other events in the story and how the story ended, I am more inclined to think that hope had flown out of the father's heart with the throwing of the cube.

The father discovering the cube at the end of the story — already solved (probably by Magnifico) — somehow symbolizes the end of the family's financial struggle. It's really a heartwarming and definitely a tear-jerking part of the story. However, the realist it me tends to question this part of the story. It's true that the more immediate problems of the family had been solved with Magnifico's death. But wouldn't they be in a deeper struggle — financially and emotionally — now that Magnifico is gone? Wouldn't some of their problems eventually come back? And wouldn't the family members find themselves in a deeper abyss now that a young member has died?

In the story, everything seemed to have come into place with Magnifico's death. It's just like Magnifico's death solved everything.

But I don't believe that could be the case. I think Magnifico's death simply gave the older ones a good shake up for them to see Magnifico's good example: that one should not give up on life no matter how badly things turn out; that there is always a solution to things; and that sometimes, the solution need not be as difficult or as complicated as the mature mind seems to think.

Sherma Benosa
12/28/2007 6:01:15 PM

Ooooppps, hello gagayyem a bisita ni VF! Happy New Year kadakayo amin. :-)

Sherma Benosa
12/28/2007 6:08:23 PM

The realist in me, kunana kuma. Saan nga it me.

Sowi... :-)

Sherma Benosa
12/29/2007 11:04:26 AM

Hello Buddy! Here's to a fruiful New Year!
Sapay koma ta mapatgan dagiti dardarepdep...

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Maria Estela Javalde
12/29/2007 6:12:17 PM

Gayyem Clif....... HAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Ernesto Ugale
12/30/2007 12:29:47 PM

Happy New Year, balong and take care of yourself always!!

Rudy Rumbaoa
12/31/2007 3:05:11 PM

AY, nagalisto ti panawen a maluom! Nadanonan ti ungto ti tawen ket di malibak, adda segga ken gagar iti panaguraytayo iti isasangbay ti Baro a Tawen. Iti damo nga itatapog ti umuna nga aldaw ti tawen, masirayantayo koma ti raya ti namnama ket maikawes kadatayo ti baro a kinatao a kas iti panangdayas ti init iti sabong ti orkidia tapno lumangto ken agsampaga. Wen, irugitayo nga asaken ken unoren ti dalan nga agur-uray a pannubok ken karit ti masakbayan. Nupay kasta, adtoy ti sibubukel a pamiliak tapno umayna idanon kadakayo amin a kapamilyak ken kapuso iti "NAGASAT KEN NABUNGBUNGA NGA ISASANGBAY TI BARO A TAWEN!"

Manipud kada
Rudy, Mimieh ken Sofia Monique
Laoag City, Philippines/Maui, Hawaii

Severino Pader
1/2/2008 2:53:52 AM

Balong, 'yan mon 'ya?
'Di kan sa pay namunawan...
Hapi new year ngarud!

Sherma Benosa
1/5/2008 10:27:06 AM

Heyyo, Manong Sevie, Manong Rudy, Angkel Ernz and Sis Marielle! Awan tay bumalay ta agpalpaliwaweng idiay ayanko, hehehe!

Nagtimplaak iti kape for us. Barako, naggapu idiay Batangas! :-)

Imelda Alibuyog
1/5/2008 4:27:03 PM




Sherma Benosa
1/16/2008 6:24:59 AM

Hello Buddy! Wazzup? Umayka koma met aglinis ditoy balaymo a gayyem. Nagwara ne!

Hi Manang Imee. Awan man diay bumalayen. Huuuuuuuuu!

Sherma Benosa
1/17/2008 9:31:39 AM

A special card for you, Buddy...

Image Hosting by

Do you remember the place? :-)

1/18/2008 12:41:19 AM

How can I forget the place Buddy! Dita ti nakapadasak a pinagur-uray ti balasang!

'Mok man no apay a nayatak a naguray, dati ket siak ti paur-uray!


Hello amin apo nga adda ditoy. Pasensiakayon kakabsat no manmanoak nga agawid. Nangina ti plete ket agkaseraak laengen dita bangir!

1/18/2008 5:43:23 PM

'mayka man passiaren, Gayyem VF! uray ta awan ti maubrak ita, kakaisuna nga adda met pay bigat a panagraep.

Ditoykoman laengen a sungbatan tay suratmo: Kaasin Apo Dios Gayyem ket nasayaat met ti agdama a kasasaadmi ditoy. Agyamanak unay kadagiti ayatyo kadakami idi dakami ti agkasapulan unay ti tulong.

Saankaminto a makalipat ken makasupsupapak kenka Gayyem, ken kasta met kadakayo Gagayyem ditoy ilukodotcom.

Naimbag a Malemyo Amin Gagayyem a nadanunko ditoy balay ni Gayyem VF.

1/23/2008 8:52:21 AM


Severino Pader
1/26/2008 6:22:23 AM

ei balong, mustan?
ania't madamag?

Sherma Benosa
2/6/2008 5:25:40 PM

Hello Manong Sevie! How are you? Adda idiay balayko diay birbirukem. Kammo no apay a kasadutna ti agawid. :-)

Kumustakan, Manong?

Manang F! Wazzup? Awanka metten yong. :-) Makapa-misska. :-)

Hello, Manong JRIC.

Maricar Cabotaje
2/13/2008 3:42:56 PM myspace graphic comments
Valentine's Day Graphic Comments

Addaakon Uliteg! Ana ngaruden... Kablaawan kayo lattan ti HAPPY VALENTINES ah! ENJOY YOUR DATES...

Sherma Benosa
2/14/2008 5:26:24 AM

Hello Buddy! This one's for you...

Image Hosting by

Fred Ilac, Jr.
3/2/2008 8:31:33 PM

mustan tanud?
saanak man la a nakadaw-as idiay bandanat' amianan,apagdanonko diay labes ti arko a pagserkan diay Badoc ta napanak gimmatang iti basi idiay sakbay ti ili, mayat latta sadiay, umadu nga umadu ti mabalin a pagitung-gaan!

tonanot' panagpakasdiaymo ta aggargaradugod ti boksit dagitay imbaliktad, lalo no kalpas panangrindir kadagiti salemsem ti bigat idiay igid ti baybay, dakesna ket umadu nga umado dagitay pada a singkit nga umay agbanniit kadagitay marapagaw a Panggalog...tsk tsk no addata koma diay di adda koma mangbugaw kaniada ta dida ket mapan agbasak-basak a mangarkaramukom, dakiti 'naktidiables! tanud..cheers!

3/2/2008 9:45:12 PM

Atanud Fred!

Hayna Atanud, 'bag man ta naidaw-aska. Kumosta?

Pinadasmo koma a ti napan nagpasiar diay ili dagiti napili a lallaki, sika met. Imbagam koma a siak tay atanudmo a forever-pogi hehehe! Diay laeng Daraten ket saludsodem tay naisem-a-kiraid ket umaydaka itunda a dagus diay nanumo a sukmonanmi hehehe!

Kumusta nga agpayso dagitay pagkarnean-ti-nuang diay Sinait atanud? Siguro, medio nanglaylay metten tay sukik idi. Naudi nga ipapanko pananguraga ket medio nasam-it pay laeng daydi isemna ngem kasla nagbitinan metten ti adu a bakes diay barukongna hehehe!

Wen ngarud Atanud, agkaraiwara metten dagiti halbag a singkit diay ayantayon. Bag pay idi ta ni Kabisi laeng ti madalapusmo ngem uray itan ket pati met dagitay nalitemen nakatapungor a pati pay-odda ket agat-curry hehehe!

Ken agpayso dayta kunam a mangarkaramukom atanud. Silliak diay karkaramukomenda kunak koma ngem narawetda met iti sili. 'Bag laengen atanud ta kaaduan kadagitay pakarkaramukom ket dagitay saan a mabalin nga ilabas diay parkingan ti tricycle hehehe!

Ne, patinayonem a ti dumagas atanud ta makapailiw met dagiti pakilaw-it dagiti saritam.

Hey Buddy, thanks for that real nice curtain nga insab-itmo ditoy abongko. Madi mabalin a dumaw-aska biit nga umay aglaba. La 'maykan uray ta addaak met a para bantay ta abongmo. Pakiikkatmo metten dagiti saput hehehe!

Maricar balasangko, kumusta dagitay tsikiting ken tay manokmo? Ading Frau and Ka Jric, thank you for the greetings.

Tang Seb! Nakow tatang, dumagaska ta adda daytoy atanudko nga i-Sinait!

La, 'mayato manen no makadalus ni Ms. Benosa hehehehe!

Sherma Benosa
3/2/2008 9:59:51 PM

Ahu! Adda aya met 'boy' a mangibaon iti amongna?

Agdaluska ketdin ket adu pay ti iinnawan idiay balay.


3/15/2008 1:00:44 AM

niat aramidmo tanud?
wen la umaykanto, ania man nga oras nakasagana tay apro ti beklat, dimo unay bayagen ta amangan no makalibas tay birtudna...ngem adda kano naan-anag, kasta man ti damag kadagitay mannultop idiay sanglawan, dagitay kan-kanayon nga agkab-kabukab nga awan ti ngat-ngatingatenna!

tay kano gin-ginammol ti mannabtaba, kunada man tanud, isap-sapo kano laeng, pati tumeng patibkerenna...uray kano dagitay beterana idiay Pegasus ken Air Force 1 a kunkunada, agagalda no isuda ti pakaipakaptanna!

adda ngarud nangusar a kubbo a lakay idiay ayanmi, kabigatanna , naatur ti likudna, nagtapungor a dagus ni lelang kabigatanna! tay met loko a bumbumaro a karrubada, pinadasna....ayna tanud, maysa a lawas nga adda paraut diay ulo ni baketna ken nagpakka-pakkang a kunam la no nasabawilan diay patongna! ti la pagdaksanna, adda kano oracionna sakbay nga usaren ken no di mapatangan, baliktad kano ti birtud nga a medio agpanu-panunotak pay...musta manen!

3/15/2008 4:29:43 AM

Atanud Fred!

Madama man ti panangpangkisko kadaytoy tiktikrubong a tingig a tingig ditoy sanguanak hehehe!

Pay ania aya ti langa ti nasabawilan atanud? Siguro, kasla tay aglapitog a kagaten iti ammimisay ania hehehe. Ken dagita beterana diay Pegasus, dagitay kadi uray agpalakpak ka idiay uneg atanud?

La, subliankanto damdama ta baka ket no adda manen kumliit hehehe!

Ruth Tactacan
3/21/2008 8:45:19 AM myspace graphic comments
Easter Graphic Comments

4/8/2008 12:29:22 AM

tanud mustan? ingganat sirip-sirip datao, kasla la ket tay agarem nga agpatingga lat palludip dataon...ta no agitugkelak koma, su met ta adda man sumangpet wenno agpayapayen nga dadduma di pay naipapas a minulenglengan kadagitay nagbalayan iti uyukan a naimasetas idiay taengyo, 'da man sumangpet nga agwan-wanengwengen, no dadduma ket ti trabaho, makaperdit' barkada a kunada...

4/8/2008 6:19:32 AM

Hayna Atanudko a Fred aya a nagasat, kumusta? Bag man no di pati ta tuktokmo ket saanda a kabitan iti weng-weng hehehe! 'Matangka ngamin tay blackberry ta uray no nakatugawka diay trono a nakamusiig a nakamisuot ket mayat lattat' tugkelmo!

'Luadam laeng atanud baka no pati riit ket matugkelam hehehe!

No siak met atanud ket kastoy latta a tartaraki, 'suna laeng ta kaslaak la 'tay napukolan nga antutungaw a manglangit-langit a mangpampanunot kadagiti agsasamusam a dukot ken iliw kadaytay reynat' uyokan; ta kayatko man la koma a mapan sepsepan tay natubbog a "diro-sagaysay" nga inna banbantayan hehehehe!

Ti dakesna atanud ket iyarigko man toy bagi a kas tay dalag a kayatna ti sumim-aw tapno makasirip koma iti dayag nga ited ti lawag wenno tay makasirpat kadagitay agpapa a tilapia (a nakadata), a panglinglingay koma kadagitoy ngannganin makullaapan a mata, ngem amkek atanud, amkek ta baka ketdi no apagtapaw toy ngiwngiw ket adda ditan a maipasabat tay kulata nga isagsaganada!


La Atanud, maykaman ketdi diay 'Dialectal' ni "Diro" ta iruarmo man ketdi dagitay nakabaul a bulbolandiong dagitay i-Sinait-Badoc-Pinili-a-natataraki! Mailiw kami met ket kadagitay nakaisigudan a pasirok dagiti liniam.

Il-iliwek a talaga atanud a sika man ketdi koma ti kaduak a mapan agsukil iti tirem ta barbareng no makatamata tay adda perlasna. Ti laeng amkek ket baka no ania la dita ti nakaimuntaranna dayta kunkunak a perlas, hehehehe, nalpas!

La, minsanto manen atanud barbareng no mairemediom to a mapan sullatan dagiay trumpeta dagita weng-weng dita ayanmo hehehe! Mustanton ni atanud a babai.

Hello Ruth! Thank you for the Easter greeting adingko. Sorry for answering you late ta agawidak met laeng ngamin ditoyen no masaripatpatak daytoy Atanudko nga i-Sinait! (anyway, i am related kadagitay Tactacan idiay ayanmi. Taga-ano kadi ni mistermo? Doktor kadi isuna?) Ops, i guess it's too personal, mabalin met a saanmo a sungbatan, Ipag.

4/11/2008 9:34:30 PM

dakesna tanud ket napukawko tay sap-il a pagsukil iti tirem, ton masapulak, isuronak man ketdi no kasanu ti mangpatirad, da.

dika la mailiw diay Pinili tanud, agestoria ka man ketdi kadagitay mang-mangeg idiay pagsinaan ti agpa-Laoag, wenno dagitay dumadayo idiay Darat/ Mabusag..kasko pay la mangmangeg ti bengngat di gayyemko a taga Barbar..

4/11/2008 9:34:37 PM

dakesna tanud ket napukawko tay sap-il a pagsukil iti tirem, ton masapulak, isuronak man ketdi no kasanu ti mangpatirad, da.

dika la mailiw diay Pinili tanud, agestoria ka man ketdi kadagitay mang-mangeg idiay pagsinaan ti agpa-Laoag, wenno dagitay dumadayo idiay Darat/ Mabusag..kasko pay la mangmangeg ti bengngat di gayyemko a taga Barbar..

4/11/2008 9:36:53 PM

ne..ket adda pay ket mahika toy paraanganmo...kasla a ulit-ulitenna?

4/12/2008 4:43:56 AM

Pay ya Atanud, limned diay sap-ilmo wenno tinakawda hehehe! Ibarikesmo ngamin tanud a kas tay sap-il a nakayasan a sanga ti bayabas nga usaren a pagmula iti tabako.

No awan latta ket martilioem diay tiremen. Adda ket dagitay tirem nga ilaylayatmo pay laeng ket agukapen hehehe!

Guray, adda nangibaga idi kaniak:

Ania ti paggigidiatan dagiti tahong ti China, Japan ken Pinas:

Tahong China: buhusan mo tubig bubuka
Tahong Japan: pitpitin mo bago bubuka
Tahong Pinas: dilaan mo lang, bubuka na

La tanud, baka no siak ti maenkanto hehehehe. Subli kanto manen!

4/25/2008 6:40:21 AM

agkammel nay ti kappi wenno dariway, tanud, ammon met lang tapno saanka nga maipit wenno kaykayatmo ti malipit?

4/25/2008 7:38:13 AM


Sika met atanud, lawagem kadi ta ibagbagam ta sabali ti turongen toy panunotko no dayta kammel ti ibagbagam. Depende no kappi ti takdang wenno tay kappit' karayan wenno waig.

No kappit' takdang ket kasla tay dariway, saan a kakammelen, tukmaam laeng. Ngem ne, depende ti style a tumukma hehehe. Adda dagitay dariway a nalaing a tumaray.

No tay met kakammelen ket daytoy dakulapko ket tay kunkunada man a nadapuan. Umayda agpakammel atanud!

Adda pay ngata malatalatan a kappi kadagiti baresbes diay ayantayo atanud? Tay man koma mabubuan a lagdaw diay karayan Badoc giem!

Mustanto laengen ni Atanud a babai, Atanud!

4/25/2008 8:06:14 PM

wen tanud, baam ta makadanun ta pakumustam!
tanto man ngarud agkammel ngem tay kappi a saan unay nalaing a tumaray ti apanta simadan ket agrittu-rittuok toy tumengkon sagpaminsan, saan met ket pay la nga agbakor toy durik...

tay nay dariway nga uray nakatugawka ket isuda ti rummuar umuneg idiay rukib a kaslada ka ar-ariten iti kinnammelan? ibbatam ngata ta iggemmo a San Mig lights no bilang adda ka idiay aplaya ti Virgen Milagrosa a nakadata a kasla paduolan?

adu pay lat' bunog nga agsubli-subli idiay karayan Badoc! suna lang ta patoldan...

4/27/2008 2:04:39 AM

Dispensar atanud no saanka a naripar idi kalman. Mom met toy atanudmon, mangukop hehehe!

No mapan ag-crabbing dagitay pada a Pinoy diay Holland ket adda man naobserbarak atanud. No puraw tay kaabaymo, adut' maala. No Pinay ket bassit. Gapu ta naintrigaak ta kanayon met la a bassit ti maala tay kumparekon ta narawet iti kappi dagitay annakna, inawisko man tay maysa nga Ilokana ket pinataadayok tay puraw a kaabayko.

"Pay nagkawkawka?" sinaludsodko kadaytay kumarek.

"Siempre a. Su met kayat ni Kumparem!" intingigna sana pinaludipan ni kumpare a mayat ti tukmana ti kappi diay asideg ni puraw.

Hehehehe, kadagiti simmaruno, dagidiay Pinay, saanda nga kayat nga ipakita kaniakon no kasanot' kaadu ti naalada a kappi.

Nalaka aya ti mabisto a saan nga nag....!

La atanud, ton maminsan manen hehehe!

angkel fred
4/29/2008 12:24:06 AM

bir-birukek nay tay saan nga aggar-garaw a pics diay GUMIL ta ammoyo metten ni angkelyo lay-us panagkitana...diak malasin no sinno dagidiay nakarungiit a dadduma...

awan met ti panawen a agikur-it tanud ta adda koma ibagak/ momyo met ti trabahon

4/29/2008 12:55:19 AM

Bay-am ta ibagak nga ie-mailna kenka Atanud.

Sherma Benosa
4/29/2008 2:00:07 AM

Yahhoooo! Angkel, naisendko dagitay pics'en! Hehehehehe.

Heyyo Buddy!

Agpameryendaka man, 'la!

4/29/2008 2:07:58 AM

Merienda? Kayatmot' kappi a napula? Adu ti nalatalatak a kappi diay karayan Badoc. Dakesna ket adda met kalubbonna itay a takkit' nuang hehehe!

Naimas dagitay burros a maiyuper iti suka, nangruna dagitay maala no lenned ti bulan.

Pay ngata?

Sherma Benosa
4/29/2008 3:49:56 AM

Angkel, mapankayo man ditoy ney...
40th GUMIL Convention Pics

4/29/2008 3:50:27 PM

nakitakon! naggurigorka gayam basang! bag no nalaingka met la ketdin...regards kadagiti olds mo diay NV. nasayaat no agsubli manen nga agikur-it ni daddym...malaglagip ni Mang Tino, no agkit-kitakami.

tay jumping salad man ketdi tanud ti iruarmo nga ibulonta iti arak basi ta bareng regreggenna ti rittuok dagitoy nay susuopko...sangkakunak ken ni tanudmo a babai nga agsakit tumengko ngem inton makalikud, saltaak tay bisekleta, awanton maaramidanna 4 hours later, nakaadoakton! sumuno a bigat, agsakit durik, ton nakapanaw...sumarunoak met a tumapuak..apan agtennis....solved! daydi dati pay la nga pakulo tay idiay ilocos, tanud..saanto a maregreg ngem aluadam amangan no adda pangontra ti NVizcayana kadagita a salamngkatayo...hehe

amangan ketdi no inton sumaruno nga agkitata, adunto ti padengngepmo a bukol..

angkel f
4/29/2008 3:54:24 PM

salamangka tayo kunak koma

4/30/2008 1:22:45 AM


Ket no siak sa met ti sinalamangkada atanud ta uray no kasanot' panangikuduagko kadaytoy aglaplapunasan a giteb toy barukongko ket ad-adda met a dumakkel toy bukolko.

Mok man ketdi kadagita a bukol no ania ti kayatda a maitapal? Tinaltal a laya kunak koma ngem madi met ta ad-adda nga aggurigor. Tapalam iti steak kuna man dagitay padak a sutil ditoy ngem saanen baka ket no makatamaak iti adda anthraxna hehehe!

Dika unay dayta jumping salad atanud ta isut' taudan dagitay agkukurot a tultulang. Tay smiling pulotan ti ikaadum ta isut' murmuray tay tekken iti kalubuan diay sabangan hehehe!

5/4/2008 12:33:06 PM

no makadanunak sabangan tanud ket diak unay kasapulan ti tekken, nasay-sayaat iti aglug-0b sadiay lalo no kastoy a panawen ti piesta ta kattubo dagitay kulot tamnay, mur-muray ti aglaladut a sen-sennaay! masapulmo lang ket praktis iti innangsan, tapno dika maibusan iti angin no batukem ta madi met ngarud mabalin a kurimesen lattan!

piesta ita idiay Sinait, dumagaska tanud ta apanka agkaldo iti imbaliktad...tay imbaliktad nga agilad-ilad, pasaray umisem iti bang-bangir, pumalludip, agburkirad! ton nalpasmo tay digo, uray la ta puseg ket agbukirad...

dagasennak wenno nakaadukayon ken ni Jric..diyo unay isungsong ni Mang Cresing ken Alex ken dagita barkadam a mammallot ta amangan ammok nga isuda ti makaadu no makarugida.

5/5/2008 3:30:01 AM

Daytay man aramidda nga empanada diay ayantayo no kasdiay a piestaan ti im-impek atanud. Nagmayat man idi ti mangtugaw a mangdiga kadaytay dayag nga agar-aramid iti empanada. Madlaw met ket atanud no kayatnaka tay umaaramid iti empanada: no pidduaenna ti umisem sana iyamuy diay buokna sana idakdakkelna diay empanadana, mayaten, saanmo a panawanen atanud ta siguradon tay nananam nga empanada hehehe!

No dayta maangsan atanud ket praktis laeng iti breath-in / breath-out ti masapul atanud. Ikumpasmo kadaytay isasanglad/isasalog tay dalluyon ket uray man no agpatnagka a bumatbatok hehehehe!

Mayat dagitay barkada a mammaltot, ops mammallot gayam ta naragsakda a kasarsarita. Umayka ketdi diay galliera ni Ka Crist ta agam-ammo kayo kadaytay lakay nga angkelko a Hawayano. Isalogmo man met atanud daydi napanta kinurimes a karurayan a manok nga iyatang koma tay baglan a taga-Pug-os.

Malagipko atanud, musta ngay daydi pasapsapulko kenka a nalaing a kumanta? Talaga kadin nga impanna?

5/5/2008 2:23:09 PM

hello kabsat cliff present! siak kadi tay pasapsapulmo nga nalaing a kumanta?hehehe.Rugiakon iti agconserto,apputenyon ta lapayagyo ta irungaabkon tay Only You.....

pasensiya kayon kakabsat ta immayak a pasalsali, naktulbek met ngamin dita ngato masadutak a mapan mangalatay tulbek.

Kumusta kayo kakabsat a pada a naglalat?

Atanud kumusta,toy atanudmo?

Sherma Benosa
5/6/2008 12:22:35 AM

Hoyst, Manang Imee! Wag kang sadut! Naaaa, kitaem daytoy ah!

Heyyo angkel! Wazzup?

VF. Hmmm... agisimpaka met ditoy blogmon ah, yor!

5/6/2008 7:20:02 AM

Ala, lukatam lattan ta balonmo Kakang Aymee ta awan a talaga makan ditoy. Malaksid no kayatmo ti leather hehehe.

Hm, tay talaga a leather ti baka ti kunak ha. Adda am-ammok a taga Abra a nangisangpet iti lalat ti baka ti Pilipinas ditoy. (ammom met ditoyen ket masapul nga adda contactmo diay abattoir tapno makaalaka) Nagmayat man ti pananglutona, talaga a naimas a kas NAIMAS. Uray dagiti babbai ken makaaduda met nga agpulotan, kasda la agngatngatingat iti bobelgam hehehe!

Oist Buddy, sika man ti agisimpa la ta pagmeriendaenkat' lalat.

5/9/2008 10:09:27 PM

su man ti damagko tanud, immuna kanon! la sapay koma a natalna ti panaginanana...

dika met la allergic iti peanut butter tanud ket adda kano palamanna a kaaspingna iti kasta tay empanada idiay Ilocos! bareng makalibasakto nga agsubli ta maiyad-adu ti innangaw, paswi-paswitandak ngamin, momon andrestayo tatta...

5/9/2008 11:04:07 PM

Umanamongak Atanud, sapay koma ngarud ta natalna ti panaginanana sadiay gloria. Napintas ngamin dagidi nagkaduaanmi uray no apagbiit laeng. She was a good friend ket adu dagiti kalidadna a nasayaat a saanka a mabain a makikuyog kenkuana, uray no ania a paguummongan. She was a darling, she was a diplomat...

Saanak nga allergic iti peanut butter atanud ngem kaykayatko man tay mani a siak a mismo ti mangukis hehehe!

Sabagay, sabali met a raman tay nami-butter a naipalaman iti sabali nga ukis, kas koma diay empanada. Malinamnam, kunadan sa itay di ketdin? hehehe!

No paswitandaka atanud ket padasem nga ikinni hehehe!


Ag-Loginka pay nga umuna Kailian sakbay nga agposteka.