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1/4/2008 10:08:25 AM

"damuy uko. it ayam o ti.
ami-ayam kumpa..lalala...uhmm..uhmm
...tata..uhmmm...lala...ta "

uma yamina


Adrian Pagaduan
1/4/2008 10:12:10 AM


in the wilderness where butterfly flies
so beautiful so pleasing to the eyes
where owl cooing all through night
watching creatures on their flight
where wind kiss your lips goodnight
whisper everything is always alright

embers flirting with sleepy eyes
bundled in leaves, neat; very nice
music are falling leaves; tiny footsteps
crushing crisps; giant forest keeps
as the seeds sprout leaf for the sun
with much love; a nurturing hand

falling dew from teary like eyes
spring up to collect where it lies
a bug seeks moisture for thirst
race of tiny legs thunder to be first
to find the ground has the claim
desire didn’t subside to dig in

vines in search for ultra-violet
crawls relentlessly to compete
wrap around trees; choking breathe
much limbs for creatures to live
biosphere better than a cave
droplets’ smell you can’t forget

jaded frog; harmless with sticky tongue
rippling eyes waiting mosquito to come
curling her feet and hands on tender vine
croaking sending love songs to be found
birth of toads bring feast to land
only slippery, stealthy see the sun

praying mantis watchful eye
looking, sensing lover to fry
tuck in leaves blends so well
no movements hard to tell
with swath of scythe a sure death
silence not even a sign of breath

standing on her feet like playing harmonica
nibbling bits and pieces, savoring aroma
nutrients for a bulging beating tummy
eggs will soon settle beneath those leafy
nature will takes its course for sure
act like their mother, never seen before

Adrian Pagaduan
1/4/2008 10:13:33 AM


into the forest floor life moves
a universe divided into coves
tiny steps for us, giant for them
yet we sing the same hymn
enjoy life, share work, multiply
progress but nobody ever cry

black ants are kissing everybody they met
not for love but transferring direction a scent
big ones ring the mound; popping ticking sound
a confronting sound; to an intruder a warn
to subdue that’s only work they know
with their big pinchers and poison too

hunters are very fast; gathering flesh or grass
they go to site of a hunt in line then spread out
back to the same line loaded with lots of stuff
back to the mound with blistering speed to human
for them its normal work; very precise, systant
they eat when given time nibbling food in a ran
when the line is broken they regroup at no time

back to the mound are maids around a queen
cleaning every inch and massaging her skin
gathering eggs and sticking it to assign bin
with right temperature and enough wind
they do it all daylong and never complain
lifetime reward they are in the ring of scent

few are grown to be stud feed with special food mix
couldn’t be so nice when time comes; they’re next
lifetime race to the queen side without being crush
loving moment with queen then pinchers of guards
crunchy, munchy, their abs would be shards
keep in a room, a fading mirror of the past
pretty queen must have an appetite for lust

workers are infrastructure engineers
most are slower or retired hunters
build tunnels, nursery ground, warehouse,
file stocks, control the growth in farmhouse
never ending task; they take trun to rest
not surprising if they invented shifts

1/6/2008 12:59:48 AM


so beautiful eye, you’re one
looking up the shining sun
your tears flow to river, down
your eyelids are pretty palms
your pupil is so soft; deep blue
i wonder what’s there to know
you never blink when the wind blow
but ripples, rocking my raft; bamboo

when the sun rises i see you sparkle
i could imagine you too marvel
to the beauty of the sky above
that’s brings you, too much love
when the sun sets
you too sleeps
cause i never saw blue on it
just darkness and so quiet

i wonder why you always cry
your tears always flow me by
is that sharing i don’t know
cause you have a lot in you
when it rains it’s brown like mud
do you take a bathe too or what
when flowers bloom; birds fly
it’s so clear, i could see my eye

i hide up those trees and watch
swimming fishes; glittering rocks
palms’ dances; bamboo feast
as shadows creep to the east
sometimes i could hear burping sound
then bigger and ruthless waves come
wondering you be swallowed by ground
i would be left with no more place of fun

i remember one day that happened
i saw fishes turn their bellies to heaven
your tears become black; smell yaak
i was scared; i hide behind big rocks
yes, the ground is swaying; rocks are falling
fishes jumping; birds flying; even beasts are running
i remember i remain so quiet behind those rocks
with trembling thoughts and craving for snacks

... the story is coming up
soon one more "ini usang" (sun rising)

Imelda Alibuyog
1/8/2008 3:11:46 PM

dios apo,baribari! ania met dagitoy agbalibliktaden a sao yo apo..

Naimbag nga oras apo

1/10/2008 12:02:51 PM


flying bird with whirling wind
bright light flashes on her skin
very loud cries for me to hear
so i run beneath trees for fear
didn’t came down with claws
nor sharp beaks on my toes
speed away, breathing smoke
reminds me, beatle that poop
stings my finger, it does hurt
i quickly rub it on a dirt

a worm as big as my thumb
so soft it wiggles on my hand
brownish with a pointed fangs
it tickles me; it crawls my arm
after few days sleep inside cocoon
doesn’t move has world of it’s own
hanging upside down on a branch
i wonder if i could sleep like that
especially when i have a big lunch
hehehehehe... i might throw up

everyday i come to visit
just in case wants to eat
or drink water from my pouch
i wonder if i could touch
i could see a moving tail
it’s getting bigger i could tell
how does it grow without food to eat
it must be some sort of magic
not like my mom sleep and eat a lot
then give birth to my sister; very fat

i pick berries while sun just got up
they’re soft , juicy, sweet and black
that’s really very good breakfast
ligth for my tummy; it does last
i have to watch yamina’s tears
for some reason it gives me cheers
i love silky water flowing on my toes
i can see my shadow,my face, my nose
crabs, big fishes swim fast upstream
going downstream ... never see them

turtles line up for sun bathe
blending above shiny rocks
they got that sharp teeth to bite
it’s almost sharp as my knife
very good swimmer, can do it asleep
move faster on water, can hold breath,
one day a fox came, turn them over
lucky for them i wasn’t there later
i was told not touch them so i use stick
they have virus, makes you really sick

1/11/2008 1:46:34 PM


eyaa et uko
ug en dato
wa un usa
yamina asa

ami-ayam kumpa
wayam o pekodan
uko o kasinibean
ayam o ti, ami

muyla ini usang
ayam o agadun
uma yamlek
ilek ana bes


eyaa’s stone in my home
brings loneliness in me
words came to light
yamina is true

thank you
lovely words for pekodan
my home is for kasinibean
my love for you, heaven

beautiful sun shining
lovely for agadun
goddess, lovely asleep
to wake her up is curse

... thanks God i finally vocalize
the thoughts of kasinibe in a poem.
dato am uko.ami-ayam kumpa.
come eat at my home. thank

1/19/2008 12:20:24 AM

kasinibe mind

into the darkness they dwell
embers’ smoke filling up their nostril
slight alteration of breeze they are awake
agile feet, sharp eyes, ready to seek
calm is the night, beast at rest
waiting for brightness from east

so beautiful, living together
bonding, a goal to tackle
yet we know so simple
for them, way of life in jungle
your skin might crawl, shiver
your genuistic mind unravel
they just smile, you’re foriegner
hands off, they own this cradle

many culture has been breach
vanish with dark pretense
cries embeded on bark of trees
serving your coffee breaks
a closet for your undies
you’re delighted tracing grain
marveling to beauty reign
greed and not knowing
so many tiny lives lost a home
and floods will come to your room

1/20/2008 9:29:52 AM

dato ... an muyla
(come... so beautiful)

foggy morning over ami-ayam
mist from waterfall thundering down
cumulous clouds up above adoring sky
birds flying and singing nursing lullaby
water dripping from cascading rocks,
bursting into bits, symphony of clocks.
agadun brings sweet valley breeze
to my face and caress my longing lips,
as i sit in quiet moment of rising sun
that gives meaning to kasinibean.

refresh leaves after the rain
blooms reach out to high heaven
ground wet for walking feet
showing fresh footprints and pits
sprouting seeds push up ground
to peek on brightness to come
helpless to sharp incisors
pity; it’s nature’s course
tiny creatures wrap their lips
nibbling, savoring what’s left

earthworm wiggle to breath
water filling holes beneath
bubbles take away evil gas
making those roots lush
clean flow; greener leaves
awesome buds attract craves
wet lips, hearty applause
even; eyes of hungry mouse
spared, nurtured to bloom
so beautiful in your room

1/23/2008 1:29:17 AM

eyaa’s kala eten

fragrance i could smell
swarming bees as well
drape with pollen craze
too thick of that sneeze
gather petals color our face
scare evil as will please
stealthy aphids slick
makes me feel sick
green worm nibble tips
won’t last bird’s beaks

onetime i gathered few
put under my pillow
it dried to a crisp
crumble to my lips
mashed to powder
put color to water
i drink yucky taste
bright color flourish
i put some in my pouch
in cave i paint rocks

kala eten- flower dust

1/24/2008 2:06:05 AM

eto uli

trace my fingertips to my neck
eighteen bends, five surely weak
put my palms together three makes
counting one that swivel, sockets
i went further to paint every edge
of bones, including shoulder blade
my shadow looks funny on water
i am wrap with cotton streaks
wash off and change with red
it’s better; a color when i bleed

i wonder how many bones i have
without cutting my flesh in half
i can’t dissect ones that pass away
ami-ayam surely won’t like me
i did once for a naughty pig
smaller, shorter than my leg
birds are smaller and hollow
i made flute then i did blow
very high pitch, it does vibrate
i did; made music out of it

one day i found a skeleton
put it in a bag took it home
clear dirt beneath a tree
lay it neatly so i could see
there’s one missing i know
early morning always show
harder than a rock; very hot
must have been stolen by a cat
i remember after pouring yellow
shrink to a very small tomato

eto uli- bone of uli

1/29/2008 2:04:30 AM

akis o eyaa

cardinal a living red
flying high overhead
swift gentle flight
prettier than kite
search ground for feather
to take a look better
to wait for it to drop
is not really smart
i could use slingshot
or mount a tree trap

watch them for a good plan
under searing heat of sun
they love the blue berries
shiny smaller than cherries
claws wrap around a twig
dangling, swinging with their leg
singing, eating upside down
so close, together like clan
one of them is a sentinel
get closer, it surely squeals

left with smile on my face
visualizing counting my pace
snapping yarn would do it
release by their own weight
i tried but trigger won’t budge
audobon’s feature got the odds
i gathered white, sticky tree sap
applied on twigs, i caught laugh
built a cage, put berries inside
smart, they came over and ride

slingshot, nope left them alone
i know they’ll shed pretty soon
i sit there and watch them play
pleasing to my eye but not for me
i saw snake slithering on branch
probably hungry, looking for lunch
so smooth, so fluid like river flow
blink of eye, caught, won’t let go
struggling for dear life, one flew
where does it end; you always know

akis o eyaa- feather for eyaa

2/9/2008 3:23:15 AM

ayamasti eyaa

i put red feather on my hair
right on top of my left ear
so red; put shade on my face
also tickles when it breeze
i pick buds of sampaguita
smell better than banaba
i’ll make duoble necklace
violet orchid a centerpiece;
uli will paint my chest blue
like that bird on river i saw

i’ll tie my hair like a coconut
at the back a beautiful knot
where ilang-ilang will nestle
i’ll pin them with fern bristle
file my nails with uplas leaves
i’ll make it rounded on tips
paint my nails with duhat skin
it does wash away when it rain
brush my teeth with bamboo twig
sparkles, now...i can smile big

ayamasti- beauty care
uplas-sandpaper tree,


Ag-Loginka pay nga umuna Kailian sakbay nga agposteka.