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moon rising
2/9/2008 3:29:29 AM

soft wind teasing my face
promising warm embrace
a quick glimpse of peace
a kiss from winter breeze

buds swaying to a dance
blooming to a romance
tight breath; a gentle tug
sip of tea from old mug

shiny lips easing thirst
sweet pulps from sunkist
a letter opener on desk
on top of picture’s chest

my tears forming to fall
with memories i recall
beeps from my cell phone
signals rising of the moon


2/9/2008 2:31:35 PM


when i could think aloud
i would sing my hymns
and strum through the wind
no ears would understand
for many heads unheeding
revile behind such musings

if i could make the keys listen
and hum few words in the air
i would hide them under letters
bury each one in metered flair

but the trunk of a tree
knows of such commitment
while the happy flying robin
casts in silent soaring liberty...

and so one waiting dusk; i hush
my symphony emptily
for a moment, above darkness
Moonrise glows just for me.

2/10/2008 3:23:51 AM

beyond horizon

i am looking at rising; so nice
hoping to see your pretty eyes
reflecting on the face of the moon
watching over my very quiet room

if i could hear your hymns' melody
i would certainly respond in symphony
and ask goddess of breeze to bring
sweetness of flowers; blooms of spring

many ears pretend to be deaf a lot
not so, lips are just humble mat
cradling your stories in safe canopy
to be unraveled, cheerish in other day

whisper; leaves will move gently
feeling your heart beats patiently
and when you scream, some will fall
softly leaving marks on your soul

as darkness embrace the mighty light
hiding the beautiful robin's flight
don't be so sad; you'll get a surprise
from moonrise cause you're very nice

2/10/2008 3:25:05 AM


clouds appeared in winter moon
smirking arcs in mids of a moan
shivering cold highlights moment
steaming breath and fading scent

glimpse behind imposing shadows
masking, cradling frozen sorrows
teardrops quickly vanish in snow
left tearprints but nobody know

gentle steps, reminiscing mind
twirling keys, softer than chime
marching to the edges of time
hurried pace, none left behind

gritting teeth on fresh salad bowl
pointed eyes to the brink of scowl
a sense of desire to lose them all
sweet memories; embedded in soul

2/10/2008 6:01:46 PM

West Hills

Too dark the roads of West Hills
how can the weaver find
she needs to search the thread beyond
so soon the moon would lounge
and leave her dreaming none.

Too quick the finder knocks on door
her work has just begun
the truth beneath the creeping sun
if they could understand
can dream like stream withstand.

And new the heart that silence talks
has disowned paradise
a privilege that heaven keeps
when door is left ajar
seduces her so far.

copyright 2005 N

2/11/2008 6:00:49 PM

lifting pages

weaver in darkened room
blinks of blue tube thereon
gentle touch of fingertip laps
tracing fine silk lining straps
curtain forming buffer plane
painted innocent face remain

wondering, am i should be
whispers coming to say
dreams has grown wings
flies happily; voice sings
with calmness of waves
breath to newly born leaves

buds springing to greet the sun
with kissing dew; wetness bond
young tips of green on mossy twig
cradles a jewel; a beautiful rig
with sharp pen; wonderful mind
always looking, listening to sign

in the quietness of lofted souls
searching old hidden scrolls
with a sigh; bubbling chest
borne desire, ultimate quest
growing from mighty fingertips
ease, extinguish by sweet lips

2/11/2008 8:16:58 PM

A Poem Behind Seasons

As the moon bleaches the night,
eyes tread the stark field that has
few remnant weeds, no seeds.
Clasping dry twigs, hands
are cold, gone is the gold.

The clouds and wind despair
to shake the earthly mystique.
Angels’ ballad with the stars
gives the night its sun
as heat seizes the land.

Pebble's core melts and joins
God's nature's greats.
Forest hymns move hills
of meek unsuspecting heaven,
the steaming river rushes in.

A renewed life captures lives,
feathers flap and beaks open.
The earth welcomes the captives.
Prancing grass
exalts joyful existence!

2/12/2008 12:07:51 PM

light of the moon

shy cricket runs beneath the leaves
awe with the moon searching for seeds
tiny antenae wiggles for safe passage
find frog's sticky tongue on her legs
sudden jump; leg left behind for a meal
sigh not, it's okay; it will surely heal

powdered leaves shower the ground
left with a slender stick on hand
traces scattered the soft dust abound
heading to banks where love was found
calm is the pond, tree, chair still there
sweeping glimpse is just too much to bear

looking up, soaking eyes with tears
running through, moisten cheeks
on to the sand, a silent ticks
dark clouds, hiding heavenly affairs
touch of rusted metals fresh to mind
peeling paints, creeking joints remind

gentle breeze through prancing grass
a sweet melody, roam just as it was
flapping wings, splashing shower
rippling; like multipetaled flower
with the light of the moon above
slowly blooming most beautiful bud

... happy valentine's day

2/12/2008 11:30:18 PM

A Dawn Away

As the evening wind blows,
whispering leaves echo your name.
Endless repertoire of eddying rainstorm
brings tiny teardrops on my patio door;
each mist sparks glistening memories
of you and nothing more.
I see myself on the hazy glass
writing words of the past
searching for dreams that may last.

And like morning clouds kneeling
on the unmoving mountain slopes,
praying for that mythical day;
always we are
but a dawn away.

copyright nv

2/13/2008 12:58:11 PM

after dawn

bouncing door on whim of the wind
must have been open; broken hinges
light bulb hanging by cord; crack lens
bright lantern to those passing friends
leaves gathering to a pretty mound
sprinkle of yellow covering ground

cobblestone claim, crawling grass win
shrubs reaching out scattered; crane
peeling paint from once luster pane
a candle light glow to almost dim
wandering mind; reading poem
mythical journey; a proud theme

with a gush, murmuring lights bring
kaleidoscope of love came pouring
pausing breath, embracing eyelashes
heaving chest, gentle touching lips
a quick steps of muted tune, keeps
dreams, by watchful eye of the moon
whispers to smiling sun after dawn

Ruth Tactacan
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Arlane Manzano
2/13/2008 8:46:55 PM


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2/14/2008 8:13:37 PM


The heaven comes and ocean falls
rinses the mighty hills
the trees of dreams, some tumbling down
helplessly they now bow
nature forgets its vow.

The mountain song now drowns in storm
waits for the dawn to come
maple trees untie their branches
shielding the nearby pond
Tomorrow, there's the sun!

© nv

2/17/2008 2:37:50 AM

nudge from the wind

funneling rain by my window
knocks on my door i don't know
open curtain to watch the palms
they are still whatever comes
wipe off stain printed on glass
soothing feeling came in a rush

sailboat keel touching bottom
wind is kind, run out of room
broadside splash spin to sea
little push; will sail the bay
where seagulls glide and laugh
watchful eyes on passing raft

colorful sails resisting wind
its struggle too much to gain
too much will surely break mast
cast in; this journey will last
ooh! i forgot my fishing pole
cheers,you got your wish, whole

3/2/2008 3:11:47 PM

she can still remember
the fishing rod gift.
they watched
fuzzy images
over rippling water;
no fish was caught.

she shall go sit
by the river banks
cast the line
and watch the splendor
over clear water.

3/3/2008 12:11:37 PM

sharing thoughts

dangling feet from the bench
giggling, dodging tiny pinch
sipping juice, nibbling burger
spitting crums; who is farther

leaves racing downhill
stop at riverbank, stay still
soaking wet for frogs to play
some float, a shed for fishey

dragon flies are flying low
dip their tails; gently go
fishes so close to surface
a slplash, a bite... a miss

ripples rock lilies pod
snails fall to bottom, mud
scavenging fish mouth, trap
suck all flesh; spit out scrap

fishing pole remain untouch
waiting; so beautiful to watch
two giggling kids always hope
to catch one for hearty soup

3/3/2008 12:12:41 PM

beneath a shadow

slither of lights by my window
playing curtain as wind blow
street sentinel certain for a few
in quietest night thinking of you
sighing deep close to a smile
as my mind ruffling the file

leaning to an empty wall
as i watch world in a crawl
pausing for a moment to ponder
endless, could have been forever
seasons came and left quick
am still here, and so the cake

touch from my fingertips ripple
radiates to move mighty temple
dust trickle to a golden sparkle
beneath a shadow it does settle
so beautiful leaving lips in awe
but you and me already know

3/3/2008 7:17:49 PM

The River

Gone is the river of our youth
So faint its far whisper
No more the way we remember
Lost to reach its meander
Ripples of the water.

O where's the past thick morning fog
White mist had been betrayed
We used to see small fishing boats
Ghost of steam gone astray
And took the fish away.

Yet still we have these memories:
Of young kids throwing stones
Of mudfish darting through the stream
Of splendor no one owns
The river we have known.

3/4/2008 1:45:55 AM

only dream shy by now

gently holding hands leaving river
cool darkness comes; faint laughter
empty fish basket, no soup for supper
chicken broth; ending story of leftover
spoonful; wiggling tongue to taste
so careful not single drop to waste
looking at each other; a teasing wink
an open wide eyed; starting to think

tapping fingers on white tablecloth
sparkling cuplinks beneath silk suite
lovely face on crystal glass; lip shy
smooth scarf covering slit on a thigh
bursting music mambo number 5
sending all limbs to almost a dive
with every beat rocks world away
tightening grasp of shear ecstacy

strength abandoning mighty flesh
chase by cool kissses on the face
warm purring sound on the chest
shallow breathing drooling sheets
total silence rules, eyelids embrace
leaning on his side, dreaming peace
assured for the night a place to rest
tomorrow we’ll catch one for feast

3/4/2008 10:24:25 PM

Voice of Our Childhood

The winding image and voice of our childhood,
Never leave us through the lushness of woods.
We play the past amidst the forest jade;
As winds strum the bamboos that serenade.
In the gentle hush of leaves, hope reborn--
Calls in verdant lace of spring, never worn.
Sweet mem'ries chant with breeze the branches know--
Of mango groves, the sunlight ribbons show.
Venerable Narra, its placid stare,
Despite the strife of times, a shade of care.
Green glistening dance of leaves, never heard;
Its ears sublime to notes of peace that fled.
And each popping burst of twig we step on;
Waving leaf rushing for each rustling morn.

3/5/2008 1:58:08 AM

playful cast

barefoot walking on a grass
gingerly avoiding puddle splash
holding branches that droop
while walking down stiff slope
golden rays reflecting on a pond
sparkling like gems on a crown

cones scattered on pine needles
playthings for naughty squirrels
slithering earthworm; rendition
ballet of warm and wet season
nice bait for fat big mouth bass
roaming the thick water grass

fresh fruits from backyard trees
fill basket with awesome cheers
crunchy bite; squirting juice
dripping from her lips to toes
reach out to wipe it off clean
a loving touch; always been

playing, twirling a colorful parasol
beneath, yellow ribbon so beautiful
to catch a big fish with playful cast
enjoying it; some would surely laugh
but timing, perfect hits an open mouth
a bite, a tag, off to banks and deep gasp

3/6/2008 12:03:59 AM

Forest Songs

Echoes of songs from the forests.
Still whisper in my heart
The gentlest birds, the sweetest ones
Though they could not impart
Mem'ries never depart.

Warblers in early spring mornings
Warble to dusk from dawn
In different rich harmonics
Blue Jays with trills and sounds
In language so profound.

Sparrow's cacophony of hymns,
To Woodpeckers drumming
Listen to Grouse beating their wings,
Wilson's Snipe winnowing,
Songbirds are just calling.

3/6/2008 2:30:40 AM

a dot on living dreams

clouds mingling reflecting sun
it's bright and so great for fun
sun blocker news on this land
coco oil , orange peeling, grand
umbrella, a fan, a shed of a tree
very nice place, you should be

looking your eyes heaven
muggy hot all forgotten
sweet smile to come along
reverberates to a love song
lyrics could be words you said
in rhymes or in mumble thread

but feeling you’re near me
enough to rock me gently
tender touch makes us one
admiring beauty all around
kisses could seal the seams
hugs, wonderful living dreams

when darkness harvest light
sun creatures on homing flight
twinkles dotting the horizon
soft shadows from the moon
rest infinite craving of a flesh
you; me would surely be please

3/7/2008 2:28:44 AM

born to be free

chasing dragonfly on the prairie
brings back so much fun for me
there was i tumble; mudded face
slide to the shrubs with bruises
laughters i heard a faint away
grass in my ears; looks funny

i love it when they’re flying high
so as women’s dress, they aren’t shy
showing their love, makes me sigh
and when they’re flying so low
a sure sign they’re let me know
a monsoon will come; river flow

and when they settle on branches
rubbing their feet, nibbling munches
sometimes they do piggyback ride
having sex; they don’t like to hide
laying eggs on twigs by the pond
soon will fall; swim round; round

and when they stop swimming
on submerge twig upright clinging
metamorphose with silvery wings
twilight a time to test their wings
as birds, bats come foraging, a frenzy
so much to share; many will be free

3/8/2008 4:23:27 PM

higher, dragonfly, higher
when the wind is humming high
lift me up from growing prairie's leaf
and morning dream's ebbing light

higher, go fly, higher
while breeze is murmuring sweet
raise me up from dewy grass
shore your wings upon my feet

when winter drops its first snow
the palm will wait beside my heavy heart
your conquering gentle winged love
so steadily will always grow

3/9/2008 1:44:22 AM

throw me a kiss

so as the clouds race
cotton white in space
kites soon join the fun
under eyes of mighty sun
gliding birds up higher
chasing dragonfly,supper

kids does race up the hill
to show their flying skill
sky painted colorful maze
a magnate for lovely gaze
whispers fluttering sound
mingling giggles abound

when breeze comes hold your dress
wave not my dear; those pretty lace
watch me behind a beautiful fan
throw me a kiss a wink; i do mind
with raise heart beats; be rushing
i might slip but i keep on coming

3/10/2008 11:11:09 AM

pause for a moment

twinkles dots horizon
beneath fading moon
whispers garbled to be heard
prisoner of mystical urge
teardrops soak a cotton pile
mourning for a short while
an open window for a breeze
refresh feelings in a maze

silent tapping behind door
deaf ears, left to ignore
parched lips pause for a moment
betrayed by amorous scent
in the corner of beating heart
close door would surely part
but deep sleep did prevail
sweat dreams reflecting feel

3/10/2008 8:45:22 PM

midnight letters

i gather letters
like wood
and burn them
dances gently
into the night;
it sometimes
makes its way
to heaven.

3/12/2008 7:42:04 PM

try it, it's lovely

lets join grass celebration
as rain pour for duration
ground breath, bubbles show
any runoff will surely flow
to embrace river’s thirst
flirting on the outskirts

anything that wash away
will end at mouth of the bay
but funny the sea won’t rise
clears after a couple of sunrise
calm waiting for some more
will be recieve; even not pure

i extend my hand to feel rainfall
bursting on my palm; so beautiful
truly refreshing tingling sensation
must be charge from sky; ionization
reminds me; a hug it does radiates
so i hold very tight enjoying beats

3/12/2008 11:01:30 PM

One of A Kind

some clouds
pace impatiently;
always in sheer silence.
the passing ones
never dare;
they just gaze
and disappear.

the clouds i see
by the mountains,
hover every
early morning
and lit the sky
on spring evenings.
in many nights,
when restless
and tired;
they shimmer
with the breeze
to touch my face.

3/15/2008 2:56:24 AM

i wish they stay

walking playfully under an overcast
cool and clouds craving gentle touch
then wind came,it started to go away
shadows i enjoy so much, is not for me
so i sit; enjoy their passing; beautiful
i wanted them to stay for my dream scroll

twilight came to my delight i should go
colorful prints in my head i have to review
to my surprise...ooh! some are just like you
but i keep it to myself someday i'll let you know
then i went out at night; oh! they are still there
they're resting in silence; starlights everywhere

3/29/2008 11:08:08 AM

wonderful things
trodding feet on the trail, few
slithering snake on the twigs
ribbons of light through leaves
gentle water flows on the stream
a cardinal flapping her wings

these are few of wonderful things
blending with shrubs beneath trees
lying on leaves, feeling at ease wind blowing,
birds singing patiently waiting for sunset
slice strawberries on a plastic bowl
so tasty and so beautiful

darkness came like a mist
as the tree leaves luminate
fireflies display their lantern
mosquitoes they just take turns
human steps muffled by ruffling leaves
crawlers coming out of their caves

3/29/2008 11:10:04 AM

something missing

hot and muggy afternoon
waiting for breeze to come on
talking a lot things that passed
awed, surprised, we laugh

sizzling barbeque adds aroma
to chilled bottle of corona
pansit for the sticky fingers
ginataan for sweet lovers

break out the volleyball
jump, smash a free for all
table tennis by the corner
for the arms that are faster

but theres something missing for me
your smile that is so pretty
how could a time change all that
bring me tears to look back

3/29/2008 11:11:44 AM

Some Moments

Most moments are lived;
rare ones are dreamed,
but forever longed for.

These dreams so precious
not wont to die,
only get interrupted
in a dreamer's mind.
For a true wishing one,
a thread of hope
through soul's nudging
is woven again
in an instant,
only to form
stronger meshes
one at a time.

And these tiny fragments of time
fuel a tranquil heart evermore.

3/29/2008 11:13:25 AM


for every thread that bond
is like a nerve to a flesh
crimson pump to the beat
marvel; moments keep

pinkish lips parted, a sound
twinkle of an eye, jewel of a crown
a gentle touch, very ecstatic
passionate kiss, so romantic

to dream of you is noble
every nerve endings tremble
suppress by tender hug
flowing in the sea of blog

dream on petals strewn sheets
fragrance cover every square feet
cuddle those softies gingerly
whispering my name endlessly

3/29/2008 11:14:28 AM

something pure

shared my blood to the hungry
beneath the towering trees by the sea
now i ponder and feeling itchy
but i love every minute of it, rarity

yes, i still hear those chirping
see creatures slithering
toads are still croaking
ants are still roaming

i'm fascinated by the cypress knees
protruding on the swamp; cone candies
for roots to breath, keeps tree straight
where toads, turtles, snakes rest

you can visit your forest reserve
walk the trail and observe
but if you're not into nature
you surely miss; something pure

3/30/2008 2:49:09 PM

nobody but me

i’m walking on cobble stones
i watch debris being blown
steamy breath, cooled feet
rushing thru narrow street
bonefire on a rusting drum
people get themselves warm

some looking out their windows
checking who's passing through
maybe mailman with welfare check
gift from heaven i surely won’t get
today; so quiet as if i’m parting sea
i look around and nobody but me

3/30/2008 2:50:33 PM

wonderful feeling

i reach the main street, a sigh
i could drink coffee; have a pie
talk to owner’s pretty daughter
she asks about my mom forever
brings some affection deep inside
she surely does; i never try to hide

i sit in the corner, watch them come
listening to their stories on the lamb
wondering why it’s same as yesterday
but they do love it; creates harmony
maybe part of their lives being there
wonderful feelings; awesome to share

3/30/2008 2:52:37 PM

i could remember

street lights are still lit up
as she fills my coffee cup
with same greeting everyday
“how’s your mom doing today?”
with a simple grin and “okay,”
she hands me bagle and jelly

pinching coins from my pocket
dropping a quarter on the carpet
i lean back to see where it lands
rub my back on somebody’s hands
“excuse me, may i help you please?”
i turn around my lips is on her face

i blush, i feel my heart pounds
i touch her arm; whisper sorry
she waves her hand; smiles at me
yes, i give a last quick look at her
she’s so pretty i could remember

3/31/2008 11:05:40 AM

could be you

drizzle came scaring spider
raffling down for safe cover
frogs jump to closest grass
blinking, letting rain pass
kois are still beneath ripples
fading forest of thousand craters

balls of rain on bonzai leaves
pretty, crystal clear, edging ribs
peebless showered by splattering sand
like brown candies on sidewalk stand
staggered rocks having a cool bath
flowing, cascading to cobblestone path

hungry crow paid visit from a tree
spotted earthworm wiggling it's way
kid run out with cute paper boat
put it on water encouraging to float
could be you cheering up a friend
in time of slump or brewing pain

4/15/2008 11:18:50 AM

i could feel

gentle moving cumulos
painted bundled rose
white tint of smokes
cloudy; mud in brooks

hugging mountain tops
bare naked shiny rocks
moist dripping down cliff
to ferns; grandpas on earth

water flow down river
shallow yet it sprkle
like your smile in morning mist
i could feel, i can even taste

4/15/2008 12:16:25 PM

never seem to be apart

leaf sprout from crack of stone
reaching out but left alone
spared by footsteps passing
growing everyday, not knowing

slowly push it's surrounding
nobody seem to notice; amazing
rerouted path to make a shade
people look and not a word said

mute were hearts that wander
deaf were ears that litter
tree has taken over a road
still nobody ever understood

leaves whistling melodies
flowers enticing honey bees
fruits fall for critters delight
ground moves in silent night

when dawn ends to shining east
insects on branches, birds feast
nesting to feed their young again
nature's gift for upcoming spring

so thick can't see ribbons of rays
pale brightness swaying with breeze
punctutated by diving spider stunt
chasing hoppers as well as tiny ants

canopy for lives, lovely place
to nurture young to respect spce
which brings harmony to roots and hearts
like we are, we never seem to be apart

6/5/2008 3:55:28 PM

walking down fairway
lovely bird, i see
flying from tree to tree
happily singing for me

if i could only understand
words spoken, i could respond
to melodies of feathered rhymes
smart, they know when rain comes

6/27/2008 10:08:54 AM

you care

savoring glimpse so beuatiful
etch in my mind melting my soul
when calm to edge of silence
i could see that face reigns
i pause to whisper to my mind
"fear not you'll be fine"

sigh would soon follow
lovely memory seem to flow
filling up gaps left by time
trusty clock never fail to chime
for every seconds you were there
amazing isn't it, love you care

6/28/2008 3:01:17 PM

and we thought they'd fade
like those sunset clouds
but memories trickle
and come back...

7/19/2008 11:19:14 AM

i understand

fading luster from your eyes
rippling heart beats deep inside
yet, you mask with sweet smile
shows how awesome you are

you never ask me about yesterday
everything seem to be so okay
i wonder what’s in your mind
you just sit pretending to be fine

i can’t make magic like frog prince
but to share moments; by all means
calmness captured our world we saw
besides few rushing soda up a straw

you look into my soul as if it’s yours
not very please with my offset colors
but you keep it to yourself with a sigh
i understand, i adore you as years fly

8/16/2008 11:10:31 AM

i saw you from the crowd
you're rocking so hard
with that banana pants
who could ever miss that
you're jumping like a frog
you could be a nike brat
but who could ever dream of
pinoy rocking world from yotube

manonton dalan
8/19/2008 10:06:55 AM


whispers blending with wind
morning sunrise smiles again
rustling leaves, muted flute
pacing sand dunes, barefoot

thin fabric masking her eyes
white chiffon hugging her thighs
peach, wet lips, humming tune
lovely beat, not stopping soon

motioning her hand to come
i certainly oblige like a lamb
giggling we walk a distance
happy thoughts holding hands

…would you mind having breakfast with me?

… puwede ba sa “bakers crust”



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