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3/15/2008 6:40:30 AM

In your case, it is something else. Now that you are in the position of
> leadership in the US. You can build the base there so that the Frat can be
> relevant to the Filipino community. You see Boy, the country is dependent so
> much on the overseas Pinoys. $12 Billion of our resources come from the
> overseas contract workers and overseas professionals. This is a very strong
> influence in our country and the economy. If the frat can be organized as a
> Sigma Rho USA council. It may be a greater force of influence. So long as we
> are no longer insecure in being with other groups in terms of common
> traditions like Christian Faith, values and family oriented traditions then
> maybe they can look to us for leadership. One area is that we continue to
> create a welcome program of some sort. For example if you are coming back to
> the PHils, please let us know so we could welcome you in our own humble way.
> Organize a dinner and be able to talk. Maybe share experiences and
> opportunities etc. In the same way that when we go to LA we are given
> contact nos so we could be assured that we are safe and welcomed in the US.
> Of course these things are being done but mostly to prominent public sector
> brods We can even help and sponsor young scholars to be assisted by brods in
> the area. There are now a lot of young brods in the US taking masters
> degrees and we could not account for the same Could you see the
> possibilities if we the elder brods can care for them even for a short
> period and inspire them to go back to the country where they could serve and
> be the good leaders that we need. If those who may not readily come back, we
> could encourage them to sponsor foundations and organizations that help
> youth, needy and even environment.
> We have to take the initiative now to help the frat become more relevant. We
> in the Law Office have, have formed a foundation to focus on corporate
> social responsibility. The plan is to provide legal materials and research
> accessible on line so that law students, practicing lawyer, judges and
> prosecutors can have the source of information readily available. This is to
> my mind a step to fight corruption in the legal system. We just need to
> better educate people so that their logic, their thinking can be upgraded,
> then by reading and learning new trends in the field of law, they will one
> day realize that the law should and never be misused by anyone because it
> will destroy society, prevent business opportunities, human relationship and
> foreign perception. Just look at our recent Airport project, the broadband
> scandal that has hit the Palace. Will be able to write more on this later on
> once we have put up the web.
> So Boy, congratulations again to the wonderful work that you have done in
> LA and for being a good example to the brods there, that leadership is by
> example and it is by walking your talk that you can actually influence them
> to find the best that is in them. I have asked the Frat to extend to you the
> award in today's fraternity ball along with Oca Gozos to receive the Grand
> Archon's Award for service to the fraternity. I have requested a Brod who is
> likewise a former GA to accept it on your behalf. More power and God Bless
> Fraternally yours,
> Jess Manalo EP 72



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