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3/15/2008 6:41:34 AM

---- Jesulito Manalo wrote:
> Hi Boy,
> Sorry I was unable to get to talk to you yesterday. But I have been waiting
> for Alex to send me your contact nos since last month. He may have
> forgotten, so I called Irene instead to get them.
> Well, I just wanted to talk to you personally to congratulate you for the
> good work of service that you have done to the brods in LA. From what heard
> you were able to transform the once, divided and fragmented groupings to a
> solid frat group. The frat that we have always known, where people trust
> each other because a brod can be counted upon. Though we have such things as
> "stiran" time, such was just a past time where we exchange jovial
> pleasantries and plain "kwentohan" of events and experiences. Now that the
> frat has moved to be an institution that has and is still molding the lives
> and character of people, the responsibility of the leadership of the
> fraternity should now be reviewed and in fact reexamined.
> It is in this light that a lot of our generation is now turning to people
> within the frat and identifying people who can lead by example minus
> personal agendas that are often hidden to the ordinary eye. The frat's name
> has been used and even abused by people who have some mistaken notion as to
> what it is and what it is supposed to be . To my mind one of the purest
> aspiration that a brod could and seek for is to become the SEEKER OF THE
> RIGHT, what more can we aspire when we seek for truth. With what recently
> happened in campus and all the questions that were raised in connection
> thereto. The campus brods are now seeking leaders who will be good models.
> That is why we who are not the powerful in the public sector but made our
> marked in the private sector and have built names doing it on our own
> through sheer hard work are now taking a stake in the frat. You see, we
> need the brods to occupy positions in government so that they could serve
> the country well and thus benefiting the private sector where a lot more of
> us belong. That is why we need to identify good brods in the public sector
> who are working and doing well, these people we should honor not because of
> their position but what they have actually done. The funny thing is that we
> just honor the guys because of the position they hold but not actually
> looking at what they are doing or what they have done. For this apparent
> inadequacies of our screening process of awardees, we are now making some
> criteria in the council and even in the various chapters that have been
> formed by the frat to decentralized the fraternity organization We have
> created CHapters in Metro Manila and organized ourselves in smaller groups
> so that alumni brods can meet at least quarterly for good fellowship and
> updates. Then issues and projects can be discussed more in detail.
> We have asked Oca Gozos to head the Sigma Rho Council. People might asked
> why Oca Gozos, because Oca still acts and behave like a true sigma Rhoan. He
> looks at issues and decide to act according to what is right and what is
> good for the frat. He owes no political group any favor he is a self made
> man and he loves to serve the frat. In other words he will never compromise
> the frat in exchange for his personal gain.



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