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3/15/2008 6:42:16 AM

Jess - this is most unexpected. i, like others, have looked up to you since UP days. and, you have not failed us. what i have done here is a small contribution to a collective effort in keeping the spirit alive. i play a minor part and i rest on the shoulder of Apo Leo Beligan, Phil Sanchez, Dante Ochoa and too many others to name. they did most of the work. there is more that we can do and most of the brods are looking for more meaning beyond the usual. we all know it will not be easy; but none of the worthwile things in life are easy. i am flattered by the recognition. i wish i could be there to accept. i trust your choice of a brod to accept in my/our behalf. in behalf of the SoCal chapter we accept the recognition and the challenge. talk to you later.




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