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3/23/2008 6:37:30 AM

One thing that must be learned especially by the new
generation, is that the REAL TEST of a Sigma Rhoan is
being able to handle the power, fame and influence
that he acquires or has been given him. It is an
accepted fact that in times of trials, a Sigma Rhoan
will always overcome and prevail but sadly the reverse
is true, in times of fame and fortune, we tend to
forget the basics and somewhat get carried away by the
perks and benefits that go with it. Handling power,
fame and influence does not mean acceding to any and
all requests of your peers but treating them with
respect and practicing good neighborly relations. If
you can give and render assistance, do it a gentle
manner not boastful and expecting something in return.
If you cannot be of assistance, handle the manner of
rejection with respect and emphaty, always put
yourself in their shoes, visualize how you want to be
rejected with respect.

As the brods go up the ladder, we hope that they would
carry as many as they can as a tribute to their elders
expecting nothing in return but for the simple purpose
of ensuring our way of life. We likewise hope that the
bad habits of the past, the istiran and isahan, would
be minimize because it oftentimes inflict damage on
their bright futures, particularly their attitude
towards the fraternity and their brods. However, those
who may have been slighted, it is best to move on and
learn from it as life is not really fair, remember you
chose the Sigma Rho Way of Life, it was not forced
upon you.

The Sigma Rho Way of Life will persevere and shall
persevere even more succeeding beyond its lofty goals
as young ones realize that their collective future is
anchored on them helping one another, relishing in
their individual successes and commiserating in their
failures together. Its been said that going up the
ladder, you must respect and be nice of the people you
pass-by for they are the same people you will meet on
your way down most especially your Fraternity

Live Right, Love Life, Live Strong !

Happy Easter to all.


Leo Beligan
3/23/2008 6:39:14 AM


Leo Beligan
3/23/2008 6:39:50 AM

this message came from Angelo '87

Leofina Jane Galleta
3/24/2008 5:36:22 PM

Hello Angkel, musta Angkel? addaak manen a lumned-tumpaw,hehehe!

Nagpintas man daytoy a pyesa, kasla man malagipko man idi addaka ditoy.. :-)


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