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A promise..........


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5/10/2008 2:34:07 PM


I always knew I loved you, Mom,
From the day that I was born;
I just never knew how much
Until after you were gone.

My eyes tear up just thinking
That I never could express
The love for you deep in my heart
And I never will, I guess.

For now you’ve gone to heaven,
Oh, I hate we had to part.
And all the things I should have said
Are locked up in my heart.

I look for you every day
I listen for your voice.
If I could see you just once more
Oh, how I would rejoice!

My lonely soul would sing with joy!
My broken heart would smile!
If God would send you back to me
For just a little while.


Ruth Tactacan
5/10/2008 2:35:56 PM



Virgilio Aniway Banggao
8/19/2008 3:47:18 PM

Your mom is really your look alike. I was a fresh graduate from the high school when I became close with your mom. Her colleagues that time was manang Vangie Virtud in Canada and auntie Lining in Hawaii. I used to be their errand boy to buy their cigarette. Its a pity that she passed away too early....I cannot forget her. I missed her that much.

Ruth B. Tactacan
9/3/2008 8:52:30 PM

Ya I agree she did pass away to early. I wish she had a chance to meet her grandkids because my kids have never experienced what it is like to have grandparents while they were growing up. The closest one was their grandma Vangie and too bad my dad is far away.


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