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7/23/2008 7:38:27 AM

Ania’t makunam kailian?

Itay laeng kallabes ket nanayonan manen ti biktima ti Homicide violence iti Oahu, Hawaii. Ania ngata’t makagapu kadagitoy a pagteng ken pasamak?

Apay a narigat a maresolbar?

Ania’t ibunga wenno epekto na daytoy iti kagimongan tayo? Iti bukod tayo a pam-pamilya ken iti kinatao tayo?

Kailian, awisen ka nga umay mangiburay iti kapampanunotam maipanggep iti kastoy a nakaam-ames a pasamak iti maysa a pamilya. Kas Kristiano, ania’t mabalin tayo nga aramiden tapno iti kasta ket makatulong tayo a manglapped iti kastoy a didigra?

Pakaammo: No siasinoman ti aginteresado a mangibinglay iti bukodna a kapampanuotan maipanggep iti daytoy nga issue ket dawatek koma ti permisoyo a maipablaak iti naguneg na daytoy a saritaan. Ngarud dawatek gayyem nga ingka ilanad ti pudnom a nagan, tawen, pagindegan, ken relihiyon. Kadagiti mayat nga agkomento ngem dina kayat a mailanad ti naganna,mabalinyo met latta ti makipartisipar isuna laeng ta ipakpakaasik a saan tayo koma a lalaokan daytoy a saritaan ti linoloko.

Agyamanak unay gagayyem ken kakabsat. Sapay la koma ta agbalin daytoy a pagsarmingan ken paggi-innadalan tayo a sangapada.


Ernesto Cruz
7/23/2008 9:41:40 AM

Dagitoy man balasangko:

1. Intimate violence occurs between two people that know each other well. This includes violence that leads to murder of spouses, heterosexual and homosexual partners, child abuse and sexual assault.

Mabalin a saan a pinagustuan diay maysa, mabalin a nabitin diay maysa, mabalin met a nakurang ti linnailo ti maysa ken maysa, wenno nauman ti maysa ken maysa kadakuada.

2. Youth violence typically involves gang murders, drive-by shootings, shootings in schools, and other teen related violence. Youth homicide can be expressive or instrumental.

The environment where a person grows up plays a major factor in his/her participation with violence. I believe that a young man or woman can be directly influenced to do violent acts if he/she has witnessed or experienced it on a personal level. If a child grows up in an environment where violence seems to be a normal part of daily life, then it is almost certain that the child will adapt the same tendency to engage in violent acts. For example, if a boy often sees his father hurting his mother, this could lead to two things. Either the child will adapt the same attitude of cruelty towards women, or he will develop a strong anger against men who hurt women. Eventually, as the child grows up and becomes a teenager, he might find ways to bring out his or her pent up emotions by engaging in similar violent acts.

No ana ti makitkita diay ubing a kasla gagangay a maar-aramid iti pagtaenganda ket kasla gagangay laengen kenkuana ket dinan mapanunot a nadagsen wenno madi ti aramidenna a pammapatay. Isu a no agapa dagitay agassawa, saan koma a makitkita dagitay annak. Isu a no agapakami ken baketko ket guyodek isuna diay uneg ti kuarto ket agin-innarasaaskami nga agapa!

The content behind modern media and entertainment can also be a major cause of youth violence today. Parents may be able to discipline and guide their kids at home, but when these same kids open the television, they can watch the news where people are being murdered, folks are hurting each other and crimes are being committed everyday. In many television shows and movies, brutal acts of murder and torture are shown as if they are a normal part of daily life. Other films teach young people the value of revenge, and portray violence as the righteous way to vindicate the characters. The fearful thing is that these acts of violence can be watched by children and teenagers unrestricted. They do not need to personally experience crime and brutality because these things are already fed daily into their heads: through the television, news, movies and the internet. There are thousands of websites where young people can freely watch videos with graphic content and gore. In this way, violence becomes a part of a young person’s daily thinking. Suddenly, it stops being a scary thing to him or her. Instead, violence becomes more and more appealing and interesting to the young person. He then finds ways to do these same things in real life.

Dagitay mabuybuya ket dakkel ti impluwensya na ta kasla agbalin a true-to-life. No mahilig unay diay tao--ubing man wenno nataengan iti violent movies, kitaem amangan ta isunto met ti aramidenna ita padana a tao. Isu a rumbeng a malimitaran ti panagbuya dagiti annak tapno saan a maipalasag kadakuada dagiti aramid dagiti mabuybuyada.

3.Confrontational and other expressive homicides occur independently of other criminal modivation. They are carried out solely on the basis of escalation of anger, with a primary modivation of violence itself. Included in this category are stranger rape, barroom brawls, hate crimes, and random shootings.

Rumbeng koma a liklikan ti confrontation aglalo no agpada a napudot ti ulo!
4. Robbery-related and other instrumental homicides are motivated primarily by the by the assailant's desire to aquire money or property. Examples are murders in connection with robbery, burglary, and arson, contract killings, gangland hits, and murders committed to protect drug markets or other enterprises.

Daytoy tay kunadan a kapit sa patalim, pagbiagan ti karadkad...matay no di malasat ngem ti madina isuda met ti pumatay dagitoy birkog! The hidden cause of this robbery maybe poverty or too much love of money!

5. Previous research has suggested that alcohol consumption is related to violence, because of both individual-level physiological37 and group-level social and economic factors.38,39 Studies of both victims of violence40–43 and offenders44–46 revealed that a high percentage of both groups are under the influence of alcohol at the time of the violent event.

Daytoy ti kangrunaan a makagapu ta nakapkapsut laeng ti pannakakontrolmo ti bagi ken panunotmo no addaka iti babaen ti ispiritu ti arak! So don't get drunk when you drink. Hinay-hinay la ngamin a saan ket a kasla sarangusong!

Leilanie Adriano
7/24/2008 2:15:17 AM

Agyamanak unay kadaytoy nalabon a kapanunotam apo Ernesto. Mabalin nga ammuen no sadino a suli ti lubong ti ayan mo? :-)

June Singson
6/15/2009 9:02:58 PM

Leilanie and to the citizens of Narvacan; I apologize in saying that Nagbukel is in Narvacan.[] The fact is Nagbukel is a town of Ilocos Sur. [] Please visit,_Ilocos_Sur. [] This is the only place where I can correct my error because I cannot post a second comment in your news article in front. [] My fault and next time, I promise to double check the facts before commenting. It was an honest mistake and mea culpa.


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