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daily walk to the bay
9/4/2008 12:09:10 AM

sprinkled yellow figments on rocks
lining straight on cobblestone path
tiny droplets of water from cliff
finding their way on swollen feet
soiled socks soak before the ground
chilling bones making hard to stand

measured steps, a watchful eye
flowering shrubs at knee high
huge, lone monarch butterfly
resting on leaf, preparing to fly
as lizard stop, tongue probing air
scaring chickens to stand clear

few yards more a giant banyan tree
loyal sentinel for ever-beautiful sea
a chair lay rusting, waiting for two
carved hearts on trunk pierced by arrow
names has been erase; could memories too
i could sense romance happened long ago


manonton dalan
9/26/2008 11:06:45 AM

moments hugging me

sea changes i couldn’t tell
has breeze and sweet still
besides hotels rising on west
giggling tourist within my ears
i broke a branch to wipe chair
sweep fallen leaves as well

i look up to see tangled vines
far different from my clotheslines
there’s beautiful bird’s nest up there
chirping youngs i could hear
a lullaby, a call for mother’s love
a warm bonding they miss to have

colorful sailboat caught my eye
fading away beneath blue sky
i could imagine soft cresting sea
teasing my mind, rocking me gently
yes, i spend much time sailing horizon
sometimes, under brightness of a moon


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