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arnel pineda avid fan (journey)
9/27/2008 1:36:31 AM

knows every words of his songs
followed every concerts thereon
bought a shirt to wear in a crowd
to sing, to dance and to scream loud

talks about him every moment chance
she even have website that she launch
she has all songs uploaded in her ipod
but he doesn’t know that made her sad

at work she never fails to open her laptop
searching, posting and knowing what’s up
called every radio station to request a song
when she won’t get, she thought it’s wrong

lately, she did cry, knowing he is sick
she put a black dress and dark lipstick
she called for global prayer and healing
she is still so happy and proudly singing


be good to yourself go watch journey
concert, you will absolutely enjoy.


manonton dalan
9/27/2008 1:40:02 AM

cause you’re born rock n roll chick

girl i saw you in the crowd
you’re so beautiful dancing so wild
i can’t hear you but i know you’re loud
i pointed my fingers on you girl
and you have been exorcize

you look so sexy on shirt, i know
and those ladies around you too
but you’re the one, i’m watching you
cause you’re born rock n roll chick
the best gods could ever make

come on give me that feeling
making love to shadow guitar
rubbing your chest to a drum
thumping fingers on keyboard keys
but girl i really want your kisses

you make me sweat all night long
as i rumble to all this songs
hope you’re enjoying yourself love
come to share what i ever have
cause you’re born rock n roll chick
the best gods could ever make

... this a rock n roll song


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