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9/28/2008 2:14:46 AM

chatting, walking the line
wondering what could we find
then they sold out the show
hesitantly, we have to go

walking not far, ruby tuesday
nice please everybody could be
gentle waitress with cute smile
entetaining, enjoyable, worthwhile

aroma of new orleans catch
baby back ribs, full rack
sweet ice tea, water on rocks
fantastic, doesn't cost that much and my daughter is supposed to
watch 300 but unfortunately the show
was sold out so we just eat. i have to
borrow the waitress ball pen to write
this and the other poem(bosel ed pagew)
in pangasinan.i wonder where are the
people like me? md


manonton dalan
9/28/2008 2:17:11 AM

i always walk with her to bus stop
assure her that the rain won't drop
she always call " dad, pick me up"
like a clock work i do it with snap
now she's over hundred miles away
the word is " dad, when you visit me"
I drove there like race car psycho
to watch movie, eat vietnamese pho
then we go to church and pray
we kiss and hug and i walk away
i always remember whatever she said
like "eat well and early to bed"

...guys love your daughter/s they are the
reflection of you, believe me. they mimick
you more than the boys or they must be
trying to outsmart ouuuuuuutttt!!!


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