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happy mother's day "inang"
9/28/2008 2:28:22 AM

for a moment of a beautiful day
i'm picturing who you are to me
i can't keep myself from smiling
great days; it's really inspiring

i remember the buri tales
between bonding rice bales
we have good laugh at it
tiredness we soon forget

your love is second to none
everybody thought you're magician
very persistent, patient everyday
i wish i will be like you someday

you're always in my mind
especially when storms come
i'm wary you're laughing at me
your son; what else could i be

... my very proud mother;
she doesn't like free b. she never
beg for anything. i did a lot of things
that made her cry but she always end up
with smile. i always thought women are
like you are... they ain't. im trying
to make you proud of your grand kids.
darwin could be right??? tears are falling. happy mother's
day inang and ALL OF YOU MOTHERS.



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