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10/10/2008 8:17:31 PM

Worry is so common among us people that for most of us, it's a lifelong battle to get it under control. Most of us agree that worry isn't good for us but we keep doing it. Because God is invisible, it's hard for us to remember that he's in control. How much easier life would be if we could actually see God moving things around, putting people and circumstances together, working out our problems for our ultimate good.
But there's something else at work, isn't there? If we're completely honest, we have to admit that we want to be in control. We want to run our own life. And often we think we know what's the best for us more than God does. Seeing it in print and admitting it is painful, but it's true. From Adam and Eve down to today, we want to do our own thing, our way.
Reading the Bible also can be helpful during times of troubles because God speaks to us, individually, personally through the Bible.
We often try to do God's job. We need to let him do his job so we can give our best effort to our job. Our job is to do everything humanly possible. Do you think God ignore's a prayer like that? Not on your life.
Prayer and worry are incompatible. We can't do both at the same time. And we have control over which one we choose.



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