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040109B i race my shadow
4/2/2009 3:54:07 PM

calmness of dawn on eastern seaboard
mist floats, wind blows, darkness is the lord
dim lights on driveway peeping my window
waiting for me to be guided to my auto
i stretch, make sign of cross, start to walk
reminiscing good days which i love to talk

a single beep, a blink of light, door open
engine humming, drums beating, i'm in heaven
so many miles ahead of me, i must hurry up
traffic would be heavy soon, a rush to parking lot
lighted street make it easier for, i'm grateful
city took good care of it, it's really wonderful

as i enter highway i saw sign which says west
rest are beautiful pictures few could resist
police on median targets you with speed gun
to compliments depatment's much needed income
hov is awesome route to your beloved destiny
hammer down, we are so many it's alaways frenzy

i race my shadow everyday but i can never win
lights coming from behind keep on pushing, my friend
just like my heart keeps on beating looking for you
but somehow you're always ahead of me like my shadow


4/3/2009 11:36:42 AM

Shakespearean posts here are difficult to understand if they are understood. They are even more flowery than Longfellow's, Milton's and other English poets'. Well, Victorian Age style of writing


Ag-Loginka pay nga umuna Kailian sakbay nga agposteka.