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061209A hot tuna soup
6/12/2009 3:56:08 PM

061209A hot tuna soup

long time ago
my neighbor works
at fish market
he butchers yellow fin tuna
every time he comes home
he calls me and gives me
two or three heads

my other neighbor happened
to know what we are doing
he made it the talk of the town
“we are eating scraps not good
for human consumption”
“ we are so poor we can’t afford
to buy a better food for our kids”

i didn’t get mad
i didn’t say anything
i just cook it with tamarind,
kangkong and chayote
and i open the window
so he can smell

now, he is still yakking
to whatever i do
my kids been through college
i can’t afford tuna heads,
chayote and kangkong
so i buy red snapper heads
and chinese pechay

now i know why
he is yakking all the time
his wife doesn’t listen to him
nor his kids, i pity that guy
i should have known earlier
so i can talk to him
over a bowl of hot tuna soup


6/12/2009 4:42:48 PM

Works at A fish market
I just cookED it
I openED the window
My kids HAVE been through college


Ag-Loginka pay nga umuna Kailian sakbay nga agposteka.