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110809 will be there waiting
11/9/2009 2:10:18 AM

how many beats my heart escape
i tremble holding myself watching
you; i’m hopelessly reaching
my eyes all over you, yet i
long to touch you, i would
i would give away whatever
i got, in that moment then
and i will since then

how lovely smiles we share
it bubbles inside of me
i have to move or i suffocate
holding my breathe looking
lady of mist; there you are
from dream lace with poems
wonderful it’s you and me
that would last eternity

you’re glow of this life i seek
master piece am trying to make
when you blend with darkness
i should feel empty but i didn’t
cause i’m certain you’ll show again
and i will be there waiting
could it be rain, shine or dream
we made it this far and holding



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