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022310 i can see
4/11/2010 1:59:42 PM

softness of your inner thigh
lay bare to my roving eyes
as you stride to exit your car.
i made contact with your
beautiful eyes and i succumb
to shame but with your sweet
smile i managed to glow as
you want me too.


i offer my gentle hands which
i feel so grateful when you
oblige. i can feel your weight
shifting to me like a push of
a wave.

…electrifyingly warm

i have to brace my feet
and offer my chest
your resting pillars
on spring

…yes i am, my lady


4/11/2010 4:43:23 PM

Welcome back but no improvement so far in your pieces, Sir! I am sorry to say my honest opinion.

3/28/2011 10:25:49 AM

I hope you come back and "entertain" us.


Ag-Loginka pay nga umuna Kailian sakbay nga agposteka.