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041210 on the fringe
4/12/2010 1:06:43 PM

i took a deep breathe
when is saw your face
and let go so slowly
you haven't change either
it was a long time you
lurking in shadow, cloak

i can't understand why
you're watching me
even though you don't know
what i'm trying to say
maybe it's beyond your
reach or i'm an alien


4/28/2010 12:43:08 AM

Wala pa rin po talaga ang improvement ng mga posts po ninyo. Sorry lang. Don't say naman na you are a super genius na walang nakakaintindi ng mga posts po ninyo. Why not write in Ilocano parang may point of discussion na mapag-aralan ng mga pumupunta sa isang thread that discusses the Ilocano language, its grammar, usage etc sa Dap-ayan?

kalbo a kulot
7/3/2010 8:22:57 AM

Apo Pagaduan, sika ti nalaing nga aginbento kadagiti Ilocano words, masapul ni apo Rey de la Cruz ti tulong a mangiyallatiw kadagiti Englishna to Ilocano. Iyinbentuam bassit.

7/8/2010 10:05:07 PM

Never pretend to insist what you do not know.

7/19/2010 1:51:28 PM

So, are the Pagaduans in Zamboanga whose ancestors have never been to Luzon also your relatives? If so, how? Why the title "Don"? To suggest elitism?

7/24/2010 2:04:52 PM

Most in your archive are foolishness. I don't know why you are fond in writing them.

bom bom
7/27/2010 6:57:57 PM

kek kek kek!

8/9/2010 11:21:46 AM

Utot kunami diay Pangasinan iti Rat gapu ta ti Bao, isu ti awag dagiti Panggalato iti parte ti bagi ti babae nga kalkalubanda a nabatbati no agusarda iti Bikini, hehehe...

That is a quote from Mr. Tito L Nisperos article about snakes. This shows that your language is indeed Panggalatok and not Pangasinan. If you say that Panggalatok is derogatory and we don;t even know why derogatory kung derogatory, then perhaps, whatever it means is true although we don;t mean anything wrong. It is what we know as the language of Pangasinense from time immemorial.

kalbo a kulot
8/22/2010 2:42:17 PM

your picture looks like a character actor parang yung mga roles ni max alvarado, romy diaz or val iglesias.

3/18/2012 4:19:29 PM

Kabsat Adrian, pangaasim ta agsublikan nga agimaldit ditoy tapno maray-awmo dagiti adu.


Ag-Loginka pay nga umuna Kailian sakbay nga agposteka.