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My crazy home cooking!


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5/22/2010 11:42:54 AM

to "My Crazy Home Cooking!" Thanks for visiting. Spend sometime to look around and check out some of my recipes, I would love to hear and read feedback from you and ENJOY your stay! icon wink


Leo Beligan
5/25/2010 6:15:25 AM

will do. I am not a good cook so I'd settle for the crispy pata of Vienna.

Leo Beligan
6/19/2010 8:07:21 AM

Dolly and Danalyn, komusta. next time agluto kan to. agaramidak to met ti pinapaitan wenno sinanglaw ala-santa cruz .

dolly carvajal bernal
6/23/2010 4:29:40 AM

OK kami met Manong-attorney!
Dakayo ngay...?
Sapayla koma ta makabasyon kayo manen next year but hopefully without stress and enough time to ENJOY Austria!


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