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6/16/2013 9:13:08 PM


A young boy spent a month each summer with his parents in an old farmhouse in New Hampshire. The house was one-hundred and fifty years old when it first came into his family’s hands and had never been modernized.

The boy’s father was the minister of a modest-sized Church, and the family was always a little short of money. The water supply during those years was an old well that stood just outside the front door. This well was remarkable because it never ran dry. Even in the severest summer droughts, the old well faithfully yielded up its cool, clear water.

The day came when the family fortunes improved, and it was decided to modernize the house. A modern well was drilled a few hundred feet from the house. The old well was sealed over to be kept in reserve. The old well remained covered for several years until one day, moved by curiosity, the now grown young man decided to uncover it to inspect its condition.

As he removed the cover, he fully expected to see the same cool, moist depths he had known so well as a boy. But the well was bone dry. It took many inquiries to understand what had happened. He learned that a well of this kind is fed by hundreds of tiny underground rivulets along which seeps a constant supply of water. As water is drawn from the well, more water moves into it along the rivulets, keeping these tiny apertures clear and open. But when such a well is not used and the water is not regularly drawn, the tiny rivulets close up. The well, which had run without failing for so many years, was now dry — not because of a shortage of water, but because it had not been used.

.........The human soul can be likened to this well. What happened to the old well can also happen to each of us if the living water of God does not flow into us. The old well in the family’s house in New Hampshire ran dry because no one any longer dropped a bucket into its depths and raised its pure water up into the light of day.

Fortunately, the water of God is limitless, and there is no need for us to run dry, so to speak, if we will only lift up from the depths of our being the living contents with
which God has filled us. Lift off the cover of your soul and peer into the depths below — and using the teachings of Jesus as a rope, draw upward the timeless, renewing, healing waters of God.



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