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6/23/2013 9:25:35 AM


There was a young man named Buddy who spent two years working in the oil fields of New Mexico in order to earn money for college.

One winter day, when he was ninety-feet up on a derrick, Buddy slipped on some ice that had formed on the platform. As he fell toward the ground, his safety rope took hold. He dangled precariously in the air for a long time before being rescued.

Speaking about it later, Buddy could not stop saying how grateful he was to God for saving him. He said he learned from the experience that he could trust God to watch over him. The friend with whom he was talking asked, “Did you ever fall again?” Buddy said, “No. After that experience I always took a hatchet and some sand with me up to the platform. I would chop the ice away and then spread the sand.”

The friend, half-jokingly, said, “If you trust God to look after you, why do you take all of those precautions?” To which Buddy replied, “I trust God to look after me, but what I learned in that accident was that God is also trusting me to do my part.”



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