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envy and emnity
8/11/2013 10:44:06 AM


Theagenes of Thasos was a renowned athlete, a champion of boxing, pankration(wrestling) and running in ancient Greece. He was gifted with extraordinary strength and swiftness. He became an Olympic victor in boxing in 480 BC and again in pankration in 476 BC. In addition, he gained numerous victories in several national and international athletic contests and games.

When Theagenes died, the people of Thasos erected a huge bronze statue of Theagenes at the center of the city as a lasting memorial to the distinguished athlete of the island.

Pausanias, a Greek traveler and writer has narrated a story about this statue. A person in Thasos could not defeat Theagenes even once in any contest. He became extremely envious of Theagenes and as an act of revenge, he used to come to the statue of Theagenes every night and express his hatred by beating, whipping and flogging the statue. One night, while he was scourging the statue violently and possibly digging the ground around the statue with the foul intention of pushing it over, it fell down upon the man and killed him. The next morning, the people of Thasos witnessed this tragic scene. The man fell victim to his own envy.

............... The story illustrates the danger of getting intoxicated by meaningless feelings of competition and envy. People often become crazy on seeing others in a
better position or with better capabilities. Thoughtless efforts to surpass others and take revenge may lead to loss and disaster. We must admit our limitations and respect others' achievements. That is the easy way to be healthy, happy and holy.



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