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8/23/2013 9:10:23 PM


A boy was flying a colorful kite in an open space on a windy day. By careful and skillful manipulation of the string attached to the kite, he could raise it from the ground. Strong winds raised the kite to greater heights. The boy was glad to see his kite soar up into the sky. His friends watched his work with wonder.

A small bird was attracted by the kite’s swift movements. The bird challenged the kite for a race to reach still greater heights. The kite silently followed the bird but became almost stationary at a stable height. The bird flew back to investigate the cause of the kite’s unexpected halt. The bird was surprised to see that the kite was being pulled by a boy towards him using the string fastened to the kite. As the bird was not aware of the kite’s mechanism of ascent and stability, he assumed that it was caught in a trap and that the boy was trying to capture it. The silly bird decided to rescue the kite from its plight and snapped the string by a sharp bite with his sleek beak and set it fully free. But the kite lost its balance, control and stability. Descending haphazardly following the wind and gravity, it landed on a tall tree. The bird was surprised to see the kite entangled in the branches of the tree and cried aloud, inviting it to resume the race. Seeing no response, the bird left the scene, wondering about the fate of the kite.

The pull on the string is the driving force behind the kite’s ascent and stability. But to an ignorant person, the string may appear to hamper the progress of the kite. Adverse conditions in life have a similar role in shaping our personality and destiny. It is said that adversity is the best university for our education and training.

................ Our life is stabilized by the pull of several strings. The teachings of our religion and Holy Scriptures, the whisper of our conscience to follow the righteous path, the instructions of our parents, teachers and other well-wishers and the rules of the state and society are the strings holding us in a stable state physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Let us learn that these are not bonds restricting our freedom or hindrances to our progress. They are essential for our smooth and sustained progress to perfection and sanctity.

Cicero said, “We are in bondage to the law in order that we may be free.”



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