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9/1/2013 8:20:24 AM


Tony was a simpleton. He was not very intelligent and could be deceived easily. His neighbor Johnny was a crook. Tony used to consult Johnny in all matters.

Once he asked Johnny to suggest a way to gain more intelligence. Johnny used this opportunity to fool Tony. He advised Tony to eat the heads (with the brains) of four sardines (the common fish in South India, called mathi or chaala) every day to improve his intelligence. He agreed to pay Johnny for the heads. The treatment continued for four months.

Everyday Johnny used to get money from Tony to buy four sardines, supply the heads to Tony and eat the rest himself.

Then, one day Tony told Johnny, “You were deceiving me. For the price of four sardines you were giving me only the heads and you were eating the better portions free.”

Johnny consoled Tony, “See, my friend, your intellect has improved a lot. My medicine has worked wonderfully. You don’t need the treatment from tomorrow.”

...........................There are several intellectually impaired persons in our society. They are like innocent infants. They need our assistance, affection, care, concern, encouragement, help and support. It is a crime to neglect them or tease them. Let us learn to improve their conditions of living by loving them.



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