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9/14/2013 8:06:01 AM


An illiterate old man from a remote Indian village came to a busy shopping complex in a large city, accompanying a relative who was purchasing new dress for her wedding. He was accompanied by his wife, who was equally old and rustic. There they saw a lift (elevator) for the first time in their life. The old man watched the gadget with keen interest. He saw a group of relatively aged people enter and close the door. After a few minutes, the door reopened and an equal number of very young people came out. After several similar observations, the old man concluded that the lift was a miraculous machinery to transform older people to younger and smarter ones. He was excited. His priority was to restore the youthfulness of his aging wife. He was anxious to have her as a young and charming beauty.

He compelled her to enter the lift the next time it opened before them. The old lady entered it unwillingly along with many others and the door was shut. After a few anxious moments, he saw the doors open. Rushing to the door and madly searching among those who came out of the lift, he found an attractive young lady, with some resemblance to the figure of his wife in her early years. Overjoyed, he embraced her and tried to drag her away from the others, crying out, "What a wonder, what a beauty!" The lady was shocked and pushed him away with all her might. Lying on the floor with broken limbs and a broken heart, the old man cried and pleaded, "Don't leave me, dear!"

..................God wants us to be transformed into a saintly state. This does not mean that our external appearance should change. True transformation of a soul involves change from its sinful state to a blessed state of divine grace. That is the result of a real repentance.



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