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9/21/2013 7:30:55 AM


A young woman is rushed to the hospital — she arrives unconscious — shock has set in and she is very near death. Emergency Room nurses struggle to find a pulse and cannot get a blood pressure reading.

Days later, remembering the experience, the patient said, Within the tiniest fraction of an instant, I was out of my body and out of pain. I was up on the ceiling in a corner of the room, looking down, watching doctors and nurses rush around frantically as they tried to save my life. And then I began to feel the most incredible, warm, golden, loving feeling, and the feeling was also a wonderful, warm, golden light. I was in this light, part of this light.

There was a presence in the light, a wisdom, and that wisdom was the final word. The wisdom loved me and at the same time knew everything about me. Everything I had ever done and felt was there for me to see. I wanted to proceed into the light and stay there forever, but I was shown that I had to go back and take care of my three children.

This experience has taught me three things:

First, I know that death is not painful. I will never be afraid to die.
Second, I know that it’s important to be true to myself and others, because I will be accountable for my life when it’s over. I’m talking about eternity, something I’m going to experience for all eternity.
And the third thing I know is that when you die you’re not snuffed out. I know that I’m more than my body. There’s a soul that’s me. And I know that I, my soul, will always be there. I know for certain that there is life after death.

One physician, who has worked with people who have had near-death experiences summed up their experience this way, “People who have had near-death experiences may never fear death again. Their faith is strengthened.”



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