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10/5/2013 10:04:58 AM


A middle-aged businessman, returning from a business trip, was met at the airport gate by his wife. They had walked from the gate together, without too much joy apparently, and were standing waiting for the baggage to be unloaded when an extremely good-looking young stewardess walked by.

Suddenly, the businessman came to life. Beaming, he said to the stewardess, “I hope we can fly together again, Miss Fiskle.”

“How come you know her name?” his wife immediately demanded. The man replied smoothly, “You see, dear, her name was posted right up front in the plane, under the names of the pilot and co-pilot.”

To which the wife replied, “OK, now give me the names of the pilot and co-pilot.” He had flunked the course. His hypocrisy was uncovered.



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