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11/9/2013 4:48:50 PM


A nurse used to seek the intercession of St. Joseph to get a good husband. She prayed for years but her prayers were not answered. All her colleagues got married and she was left alone. She had a small statue of St. Joseph made of marble in her room in front of which she used to light candles and pray every day.

One day, depressed about her fate and her unanswered prayer, she lost her control. In a fit of rage, she threw the statue through an open window. It struck the head of a person who was walking along the road in front of her house. He was badly wounded and was bleeding profusely. He knocked at the door of her house seeking some help to control the bleeding. The nurse was sorry for her rash reaction and gave all possible medical assistance to the injured person.

She carried him to the hospital where she was working and gave him expert treatment and loving care. He was much impressed by her kind care and affectionate attention. Gradually their families became close and within a short period, they got married and lived happily. She was glad that her prayer was answered, though in a strange way.

............ In the journey of life, we may encounter a variety of problems concerned with different facets of our life such as health, education, work, relations, family and finance. We often create unnecessary tension, anxiety and worry when we try to solve the problems by ourselves



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