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12/22/2013 11:04:36 AM


There is a wonderful story of General MacArthur during World War II. He called in his chief engineer on one occasion and asked it if would be possible to build a bridge across a certain river.

The old, experienced, career soldier thought for a moment or two, then said, “Yep, general, I reckon it is possible.” “Good,” MacArthur answered, “have your draftsmen start on the drawings at once.”

Three days later, he called the engineer back and asked how the bridge was coming. “It’s all ready,” the old soldier answered. “You can send troops across the bridge right now — unless you want to wait for the drawings. They’re not ready yet.”

Now, it is not always a good idea to build a bridge before you have the drawings. There are certain dangers involved in that. But we have been through a period of time in the Church when we have grown sick and tired of sitting and talking and drawing when bridges need to be built. We want to be actively involved in what God is doing in the world.

But, as Christians, we carry certain distinctive things into that action. One, obviously, is the love of God within us that Jesus opens up in our hearts, and we often talk about this. But the other is expectation, and we don’t talk enough about that. When we’re teaching our children, when we’re doing whatever we’re trying to do in furtherance of God’s will, we carry into that situation our expectation about the future. We see that situation in the perspective of God’s movement into the future. And it makes all the difference.



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