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1/1/2014 9:55:25 AM

The Substitute Singer

On the night when a famous tenor was to perform, the packed house was told he would not be able to attend due to traffic.

Concerned, the director of the Opera appeared on the stage to explain what was happening and to ask for a local tenor to act as a substitute.

The audience reacted as expected; with discomfort. Some spectators rose and asked for their money back, while others simply waited to see what lay in store for them, seeing that they had instructed their chauffeurs and made reservations for dinner, and did not quite know how to kill the time.

The substitute tenor came on stage and did the best he could. For two hours he sang with all his heart and soul. At the end, there was almost complete silence.

Then one spectator applauded, and a child’s voice was heard, “Daddy, you’re great! Just great!”

The next moment, the whole theater gave a standing ovation; a simple word of love had changed everything.



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