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3/2/2014 9:46:25 AM


There is a fable that goes like this: Once upon a time there were four men on a trip through the woods. Suddenly, they came upon a high wall. Intrigued, they built a ladder in order to see what was on the other side.

The first man to reach the top cried out with delight at the vision below, and immediately plunged in. The second man did the same. And the third.

Finally, the fourth man looked down on the inspiring scene: lush, green gardens as far as the eye could carry; beautiful trees bearing every sort of delectable fruit. Never before had he seen such a sight.

And, like the others, he was tempted to jump right in. But as he paused for a moment to think of his family and friends, he decided to resist the temptation. Then he rushed down the ladder and set out to preach the glad tidings of the beautiful garden to others.

Each of the first three men had seen a new land of wonderful promise and decided to keep it to himself. The fourth hastened to share it.

The surest way of enriching your insight into the question, “Who is the Lord our God,” is to share with others the little visions of God you have seen. Take the love He has given to you and share it with others. Then He will give you more. And you will know Him the more — for He is Love.



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