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5/13/2014 6:23:36 AM

Rather than a sense of entitlement, opt for a passion for service. Rather than aiming & staying at a perch, let us journey to the ground. Rather than being cared for, let's prioritize the needs of others, the less fortunate and the hardest to serve. Rather than seek your peer's recognition, try a stranger's real smile and a child's trust. Rather than the classy places & concrete jungles, visit their humble homes, smell the grass & know their community. Rather than spread the dread & pessimism around that things would just stay as they are, initiate & spark a culture of inspiration. Accomplished these thru BAYANIHAN, its uniquely Pinoy and innately ingrained in ourselves. Let's do more with less da. Bear in mind that with people, addition and multiplication are better choices over subtraction and division. Pay forward the blessings you've been fortunate to receive especially to people remotely related to you but deserving of the same. They will expand that circle beyond your imagination. Remain grounded despite what you have and what you don't. That's the best compliment you'll ever receive. Do keep and nurture your wings so that you can soar to limits you've never even imagined you can reach. But know and imbibe this Truth : your Wings acquired thru hard work, by some stroke of luck, a privilege maybe or a right possibly is incomplete. You will not really appreciate its true essence if you don't acknowledge or give life to your Roots. They must go hand in hand. 15 minutes of fame, they do come go and will shortly be up. Never strive for it nor relish the same. Try doing something that you might not see in your lifetime... some sort of a legacy. They will appreciate you long after your gone. Do learn from experience... the good, bad, especially the bitter. Events have a way of repeating itself so you'd know how to handle them the next time around. Be driven by passion that emanates from your heart and consented to by your conscience and moral compass, there is no reason not to follow it. And most importantly, Have fun in whatever you do. Remain unreasonable and live with your eyes wide open for the Rest is still to be Written ! - Kuya Pultak



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