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7/5/2014 10:38:06 AM

In the movie "The African Queen," Kathryn Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart play two people who sailed a small boiler- powered vessel down river in the heart of Africa.

After braving the gunfire of German soldiers and the raging rapids of the river, they are finally stopped in the mud and grass reeds of the mouth of the river as it enters the ocean. They are sick, and they are tired, and they finally admit defeat. Kathryn Hepburn prays before she finally falls to sleep.

The camera then closes in on the swamped boat, then increases its view above the boat and the grass reeds that surround the boat. As the perspective increases, the massive lake comes into view. The lake is only a short distance from the place where they are stuck.

While this sick two-member crew sleep, the tide of the lake rises slightly, and the boat comes loose from the mud and grass. When the couple awake, they find themselves floating in the lake.

............There are times that we just can't go any further on our own. Try though we may, we are stuck. It may be time to just stop and wait for the answer to arrive.



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