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7/17/2014 8:19:22 PM


This was told as a true story by the lady involved, who came from a small Texas town. It seems she had read a lot about crime in New York, and was scared to death to go there. But her husband talked her into it. But when she got to her hotel in New York, she didn’t want to leave it at night because she was afraid she’d get mugged.

The first night she said she’d rather eat in the hotel dining room than go out. So they went downstairs to the restaurant - and she discovered she’d left her pocketbook in their room. So while he was ordering, she thought she’d better retrieve her pocketbook before someone stole it. So she got on the elevator, along with three tough-looking men.

As the elevator started to move, one of the men said, ‘Hit the floor, ‘lady.’ She didn’t move and the guy said again, ‘Lady, hit the floor!’ She immediately hit the floor, face down, spread-eagle fashion.

The guy said, ‘No, lady, I meant hit the elevator button for the floor you want.’” It’s just wacky enough to have really happened, too.



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