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6/26/2015 7:24:35 AM

Dan Amosin

3 hrs · Edited ·


If our higher education makes us think and act superior and dismissive of others, denigrating others' ideas as inferior all the time, assuming a consuming pretension to omniscience and wisdom, then we're not truly educated, only suffused with book knowledge. A good education involves the development of the total personality, including the realization of truths, like our human incapacity to know it all. Some people are only learned in books without the capacity to think deeply and examine self-limitations. Humility is the hallmark of the truly wise. Intolerance of contrary ideas or beliefs comes with the infuriating self-delusion that only you have a monopoly of wisdom and knowledge all the time and in all circumstances. Pathetic bovarism has no place in the market of ideas. It's your peers and other people who will determine your worth intellectually, not your self-aggrandizing delusions.



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