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sss increase - denied
1/15/2016 5:06:14 AM

Why PNoy vetoed the SSS Php2,000 hike

Annual income of SSS 30-40 Billion

If the hike was approved, the SSS would raise its yearly payout to P56 Billion from the annual P35-40 billion for its 2 million pensioners of which it will result to a staggering P16 billion loss per year

If that continues until 2025, SSS will run out of money and you have 30 million SSS members who would not receive any of the monetary benefits, in a simple equation you have 2-3 million pensioners who will enjoy the pension hike but you have 25 million members who will suffer on the long run

The solution: Increase the monthly premiums of SSS members to accommodate Php2,000 hike

The problem: Nobody wants an increase on their SSS monthly premiums

So which is which?



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