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2/28/2016 12:34:52 PM

There is a new book on the market entitled "How To Be A Jewish Mother," by Daniel Greenberg. One of the main points of the book is that to a "Jewish Mother" you don't have to be Jewish and you don't have to be a Mother. Anybody can be a "Jewish Mother" -- an Irish waitress, an American businessman, a Canadian lawyer, even a Christian clergyman. Being a "Jewish Mother" is a technique. It is a highly sophisticated way of planting guilt.
Planting guilt is one of the most effective ways of controlling other people's lives, and the "Jewish Mother" is one who has become an expert in this technique. We all know a "Jewish Mother" or two. And some of us may have mastered more than a few of the techniques ourselves.
In the book, the author gives some advice to parents who want to become "Jewish Mothers." He says, "You've got to sigh a lot." That is always a winning formula.



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