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2/28/2016 12:37:42 PM

Thanksgiving, Blessings
A legend tells about a servant whose master died, leaving the servant a bag of blessings, full to the brim. “The bag will always be full,” said the master, “so long as you remember the four magic words.”
the servant started off on his merry way, he partook of the blessings in the bag until finally the bag was almost empty. He then sought desperately to remember the words, but he could not. He asked a wise man nearby what the four words were. He was told, “Perhaps the words are ‘I wish I had.’” So, with his nearly empty bag, he ran down the road shouting, “I wish I had! I wish I had! I wish I had as much as all my neighbors have of the blessings of health and wealth and such!” But still the bag held no more blessings.
Further along the way, he asked another person, “Can you please tell me what the magic words are that will restore blessings to the bag?” This person said, “Perhaps the words are, ‘Give me some more!’” So, again, he went on his way, shouting to the skies, “Give me some more! Give me some more! Oh fill my bag of blessings as full as it was before!” Still the bag remained empty.
Lonely and dejected and unhappy, he sat down by the side of the road to take the last piece of bread from the bag. As he started to eat it, a beggar came along and pleaded for the bread. He gave it, forgetting his own hunger, and watched in wonder as the beggar looked heavenward and said, “I thank Thee, Lord!”
, the servant jumped for joy, higher than he had ever jumped before, and ran down the road shouting, “I thank Thee, Lord! I thank Thee, Lord!” And the bag of blessings was full once more.



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