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2/28/2016 12:39:01 PM

The Way Out
There was a certain bishop who loved to play golf. He carried his golf bag in the trunk of his car, always ready to get out on the course should the opportunity arise.
One year, when Spring rolled around, he announced that he would make the supreme sacrifice: no golf during Lent. He did well for two weeks, resisting every temptation to open that car trunk. But one bright sunny morning as he rode past a beautiful golf course he wavered. "I'll just hit a few practice swings," he said to himself. But when he got out on the turf, he was lost. He played the entire 18 holes.
Unfortunately for him, however, a heavenly angel was watching. The angel reported to St. Peter, "Look down there, the bishop is playing golf. He's breaking his Lenten promise. He must be punished! Shall I strike him dead with a lightening bolt?"
St. Peter replied, "No. That's being too easy on him. I'll punish him more severely." The bishop was then on the last tee. It was a difficult hole to play, 450 yards long. The bishop swung and hit an amazing drive. The ball hit the green and rolled into the cup: a hole in one.
"Look at that," the angel cried, "a 450-yard hole in one. Do you call that punishment?"
To which St. Peter replied, "For a golfer that is the greatest punishment possible. The bishop has just hit the most spectacular shot in golf history, and he can't tell anyone about it."



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