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3/8/2016 2:06:44 PM

Dear Brods
Chuck Garcia '59 GA'63 here. I am one of the fortunate Sigma Rhoans privileged to have known personally Pee Wee Trinidad. Although he had been much ahead of me by batch, I had heard so many frat lores and stories about him as one of the great G.A.'s of the Sigma Rho along with the late Jun Leido. These two are legends in the Sigma Rho. These two giants blazed the path of greatness of and brought so much honor and prestige to the Sigma Rho.along with, of course, the late Paeng Salas in the 50's, Pee Wee's and Jun Leido's names were and are always intertwined. These two former GA's both had one thing in common. they were both blessed with dynamic personalities.When each enter the room, you can feel that each one of them is someone special, to be respected and to be listened to when they speak.This is true not only to Sigma Rhoans but to all those who happen to encounter them. .
As an astute politician which he honed while in Diliman, he made everyone he meets for the first time feel that he has known you forever, always made you feel that you are someone special and important. For, this is how I felt when I first met him during my term as 1963. Sometime early in my term when I visited him at his office of Adecor (Aguinaldo family enterprise/ entity) in Plaza Lawton, Manila where he was the top executive. I was there to personally invite him to our frat ball during my term. He was so impressive that I wish I had his ability to engage people the way he did, such that when I left, I said to myself - now I know why he is Pee Wee Trinidad, one of the most imposing personality in our fraternity.
From business executive, he ran for and became Councilor of Pasay City. He served for many terms with distinction as councilor and eventually became its Mayor.
Pee Wee's greaest legacy to the Sigma Rho is this - He makes all of us Sigma Rhoans proud to be Sigma Rrhoans, to be his Fraternity Brother.
To illustrate this point - a former head of one of the highly regarded sorority in Diliman approached me during my tenure as G.A., She was so excited and so eager and could not wait to tell me of her most recent exciting experience. In one of her business classes, she was assigned to interview a top business executive which happened to be the Great Pee Wee Trinidad. She was so impressed of how gentlemanly, charming, professional and engaging Pee Wee was. To her, it was her greatest interview ever. She had to fine me just so she could tell me her experience.. I was never prouder of being a Sigma Rhoan. .
In the Sigma Rho, there are legends and lores., Pee Wee's is one that will never fade as long as Sigma Rhoans everywhere, all over the world carry themselves in the tradition of our fraternity, loyal, unafraid to carry on its tradition of always seeking for and fighting for the right. Always proud of being a Sigma Rhoan. FOR G.A. PEE WEE TRINIDAD - FIGHT!.



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