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6/12/2017 5:28:11 PM

Sober and knowledgeable people with proper upbringing, perfect manners and keen intellect tend to discuss issues courteously and with emphasis on reason, facts and the truth, disdaining personal insults towards other opinion holders. Their motivation in discussion is to respectfully enlighten others with other plausible angles to an issue, such as whether a glass of water is half full or half empty , and not to demonize others for holding an opinion contrary to theirs. They're tolerant of contrary opinions, knowing that in an issue, usually half is pro and the other half, anti, with both being entitled to their views under our democratic freedoms. And therefore, to achieve harmony in diversity, tolerance is needed. People are then given a choice in periodic elections to validate their political leanings by electing candidates sympathetic to them. On the other hand, an intellectual thug is a narcissistic thug and will insult people indiscriminately if he espies so much as a hint of a contrary political view anytime, anywhere, anyhow, believing he is the only patriot in town with a monopoly of wisdom, intelligence, the truth, and the only repository of democratic freedoms. All the rest play second fiddle to him and contrarians are out of order. An intellectual thug has pretensions to omniscience, polymathy and infallibility, is paranoid and extremely intolerant, and is a disgrace to democracy and polite society. These are the people who, if their fanaticism were religious-oriented rather than political, are ripe for recruitment to the ISIS, the Spanish Inquisition, Boko Haram and similar cretinous aberrations from civilized society.
DAN AMOSIN 6/12/17



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