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6/27/2018 6:49:30 AM

Dan this matter of idolatry is most misunderstood by many people specially Catholics.
Though officially the stand of the Vatican is against idolatry yet it allows unhindered its members to do it.

Now Dan here is where the crux of the matter lies which very few.Catholics understand.

In the Scriptures in the 2nd command notice the wording how idolatry is defined .

1. Don't make any image
2. Don't prostrate/kneel before it

3.Serve it

So once you do either one or two or both one and two idolatry despite absence of intent it is already idolatry.

A little technical and tricky how the Scriptures defines idolatry and many Catholics miss it.

This technicality well understood by bible readers nonCatholics explains total absence of any image in their house of worship.

To sum up
Idolatry = 1.Image +Bowing before it
Serving it

In a Catholic church in the Philippines the 10 commandments displayed in front of the building omitted the 2nd command(about graven images)
Why the Catholics leadership there allowed it was subject of a TV documentary I saw last week.

I should add it's a sin committed without intent.
Analogous in legal parlance to crime Mal in se, not malum prohibitum
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Dan Amosin
Dan Amosin Then why are people offering flowers to the Rizal monument? Why are statues being created and put inside the Congress building in a Washington DC if making images is prohibited? Why did Moses create an image of the bronze snake upon orders from God, put it on a pole and told all Israelites to look at it if bitten by any snake, so that they would not be harmed? ( 2 Kings 18:4; Numbers 21:9) That’s idolatry following your aforestated definition. Then there’s the Ark of the Covenant. God ordered the the making of gold images of two cherubim angels on top of the lid of the Ark. The Israelites carried this Ark with utmost reverence and veneration for seven days around the enemies’ city of Jericho and on the 7th day, the walls of Jericho crumbled. Another idolatry by your aforestated standard.There’s no end to the instances that can be mentioned ad absurdum if the mere making of a statue is idolatry without more. By that standard, flag ceremonies are idolatrous and saluting the flag is a mortal sin. I don’t worship statues because I know it is just stone or wood. I only worship the invisible God.
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Leo Beligan

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Ben Brazal
Ben Brazal Addendum:
In Hebrew writing what is mentioned FIRST in a series is the emphasis or most important thus worshipping the true God is most important being the FIRST commandment.



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