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8/5/2018 10:09:29 AM


The Apostle Paul understood clearly that the most important thing in all of human life is God's Love. His own life was transformed by it-revolutionized-and he just could not stop talking about it. But he did have a problem with his fellow early Christians about this. And Christians have been having the same problem ever since, namely, we get to the point where we take this most important thing in life for granted. We repeat the cliches and the standard phrases about it, and we sing the traditional songs about it, until they become very commonplace in our lives. They cease to be meaningful statements about life and death and about who we are and what we ought to be doing. They become instead signs of this problem of taking the love of God for granted.

A World War II Navy man tells the story of what happened aboard his destroyer when news of the War's end came and orders were received to destroy all the big shells on board. "When they started their work," he said, "the men treated those shells with great respect. They cradled them in their arms very carefully and carried them to the side where they eased them overboard. But there were hundreds of shells to be destroyed and, as the day wore on, the men became more and more careless. Toward afternoon's end, I actually saw them tossing the shells to each other and even contemptuously kicking them overboard." The man who tells this story says that he often thinks about the episode to keep himself from taking the big things in life for granted.

.........When the love of God first comes into our lives and we feel the explosive power of it, we treat it with great reverence. But, as time goes by, we begin taking it for granted-in some cases, treating it contemptuously and even kicking it out of our lives.



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